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Pink and Pearls Bachelorette Party | Decor, Food, Gifts, and more!


Through this entire process I think planning my Bachelorette Party has been the most work. When it comes to our wedding I already know what I want, and the general colors (pastels), and what music I want but when it came to my Bachelorette Party it was hard to choose what envisioned for my special day. I always wanted to be one of those brides that parties in Mexico or out of state so I looked at Airbnb’s in Mexico, Savannah Georgia, Charleston, and other places in Colorado. I finally decided that to save money it would be best to stay where I live and I’m so glad I made that choice!

To see the details of our entire weekend (actually 6 days total with the groomsmen included) including food, dining, and places to see in Denver, visit my last post: Denver Girls’ Weekend Itinerary!


The balloons and banner are all from Malibu Moments on Amazon. The tiny easels are from the dollar spot at Target, I grabbed a box of 9 for $3! Oh and that really amazing painting was done by me as well! If you can’t tell I really love everything DIY and art. It took me about an hour to paint.


I loved these napkins that I got for Christmas and was really excited to finally use them! I purchased the pompom confetti from the dollar spot at Target for $1 and made the diamond confetti myself! 300 diamonds, and over 1,200 cuts each…


For the girls that came I gifted them sun hats for the lake, pearls for dancing and light up rings. I gave them both coffee eyelash mugs from my online shop (reopening soon), a sheet of really fun stickers that I made for them, bath soak, and organic chapstick.


These fun sun hats were from the Target Dollar Spot for $5, and the photo booth props were only $5! The vase was from the Dollar Tree as well so it was only $1.


Fresh flowers that match my theme!


My amazing Matron-of-Honor and future Sister-in-Law couldn’t make it so she sent me these beautiful flowers! Yes.. I cried and yes she really is the best!


DIY Paper Flowers made by me! They took 5 minutes and you can learn how to make them by visiting my Bachelorette Party YouTube video that I uploaded.


Bride Balloon and smaller confetti balloons are from Amazon and Malibu Moments, and DIY flower wall was done by me! I used flowers that I already had and a few more from the Dollar Store. I stuck them on the wall using putty and they stayed the entire week!


I was going to take a picture with these but never had the chance. These balloons were $1 each from the Target Bullseye Playground.. aka the dollar spot!!


I won a giveaway from Sugarfina and Wedding Wire. They sent me a MASSIVE box with gummies and beautiful champagne glasses!

It’s all about what the Bride wants

If there is one thing I can tell you, one piece of advice when wedding planning or planning a party for your bride and groom it’s that it really is all about what THEY want. Don’t do things they don’t want to do, don’t talk about things they don’t want to, and don’t steal attention away from either of them.. especially the bride. I know that it sounds crazy but this is the one time in their lives when the attention is just on them, and that’s okay.

As long as you recognize that the bride matters more than anything else and the groom deserves to have an amazing Bachelor party (and also stress free) then you’re all set for having an amazing time.

There’s nothing worse than bridesmaids or groomsmen that take attention away from the bride or groom and make them feel like they don’t matter.

Have a relaxed itinerary

I planned my own Bachelorette party, because I am so used to doing things myself. As I have quickly learned, it is really important to have a relaxed schedule. When we went dancing we had to walk to 3 clubs to find one that would work. On Saturday night we went to see a movie instead of going to a Jazz Club (that actually was just as expensive in the end), and instead of doing morning yoga in Denver Sunday morning, we went to Garden of the Gods and hiked there instead. I was realistic with my expectations and really went with the flow.

Cater to your friends

When you have different people together that have different styles of living and taste buds, it is really important to feed them what they like and to do activities that everyone will love. I made sure to only have healthy food (except for my gummies) and to stay active. The girls that came like their fitness routines and eating healthy so that was my main focus for the entire weekend.

Gifts that keep on giving

The main goal of the gifts that I gave the girls was to give them pieces that they could use over and over again, and I stayed away from items that said “Bridesmaid”. I think using “bridesmaid” totes and shirts after a wedding is really tacky (in my own personal opinion.. don’t hate me) so I opted for cute hats they could use all season long. Mugs for their tea or coffee, stickers for planning, bath soak for pampering nights, and a few little goodies for going out. While I can’t really use the light up rings again I can use the pearls, so it was a win-win. Also as I told a guy at the club who asked “where’s your ring”?! I will admit that I am not responsible enough to drink and wear my rings.

Surround yourself with happy things

I loved choosing colors and accessories for my party, and was really excited to choose my dress. I didn’t really want a theme because I wanted to use the decor for future parties so the pieces I chose were very specific.

Whether you want a theme or just specific colors, you do you and choose what you want! At the end of the day no one will really care, and if they do then they shouldn’t have come to your Bachelorette. (Truth bomb)

Capture special moments

Since I have a terrible memory (my chronic illness gives me foggy brain) I love taking pictures, when it makes sense. I really regret not getting ready in daylight on Friday night when we went out dancing because the pictures didn’t come out the best. I recommend not waiting until 9pm or later to get ready and to really live in the moment while also capturing the moment. Get a nice camera or use the portrait mode on your phone. You’ll be so much happier afterward when you have really fun and beautiful pictures to look at! If you have the money, hire a photographer or a student studying photography to capture your special weekend.

Take time for yourself

One of the most important things for me especially when I am spending so much time with the same people in a tiny apartment is to remember to take time for yourself.

I get really overwhelmed when we have people stay at our place or whenever we stay somewhere that doesn’t hold the right amount of people. If everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom I’m okay, but if we share each space it really gives me anxiety.

I made sure to take time for myself during this weekend. I went to sleep when I wanted to, and we stayed out dancing until they literally kicked us out (I love to dance), and my girls really let me choose what we did. It was a blessing because through driving and planning and making sure they were taken care of, they also took the time to let me do things I was comfortable with.

As Lorena said… “I’m the Queen”…

Watch a re-cap of my Bachelorette Party where I vlogged everything from setting up and decorating, to what we did that entire weekend!