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Denver Bachelorette Weekend

This past week I hosted my bridesmaids at my home here in Denver for an amazing girls weekend! Traditionally the Maid of Honor is supposed to plan everything but because I am a type A planner, I decided it was easier for me to plan especially because my entire bridal party lives out of state! I decided to post my itinerary (which I made on Canva) for you, if you’re also planning a fun girls trip to my favorite city.

I’ve included everything for you in this Wedding Series from gifts, and where we decided to hike, to our really funny experience trying to find a club on Friday night and my decor!


9:00 – 3:00  Top Golf + Last Minute Prep

Topgolf Centennial – 10601 E Easter Ave, Centennial – 720-880-3151 – website

Wave the Grain – 8172 S. Holly Street, Centennial – 303-721-7547 – website

My morning started out with meeting my fiancé and his groomsmen for Topgolf. If you picture some of the most incredible people you know, combine all of them together and you’ll get his friend group. They’re the best bunch of guys with the biggest hearts and I was really excited to spend some time with them at Topgolf Centennial until my girls arrived on the train.

After they finished they wen’t to Breckenridge and I went to pick up my darling pink rosette cupcakes stuffed with yummy strawberries inside of them. I purchased these diary-free and gluten-free cupcakes from Wave the Grain and my girls LOVED them!

gluten free wave the grain rosette cupcake.jpg

The girls arrived on the train and we headed to a lookout near my house for a relaxing, 3 mile hike. It is my favorite place to hike because it’s within a 5 minute drive and the view really is spectacular.

We saw plenty of dogs, a snake, and of course just took in the sunshine. I’m pretty sure after this weekend I am at least 1 shade darker than I was before. — Wear your sunscreen!

Bachelorette Party Itinerary.png

11:00pm – 3:00am  Dancing in Denver

ViewHouse Ballpark – 2015 Market Street, Denver – 720-878-1833 – website

We took a Lyft from my home to downtown Denver for a night of drinks and dancing. With my “Bride to Be” sash on, decked out in pearls and a really fun light up diamond ring we were ready for a night out.

We first stopped at a club called Onyx. We walked in and the place was like a dessert, very quiet, very dead, very awkward. When we walked in we heard latin style music (which is my jam) and noticed a table of people sitting near a very large red curtain guarded by a large body guard. Needless to say I grabbed a water and decided it wasn’t my vibe. Basically it was the hooters of clubs.

We headed to another club nearby, by walking a mile and discovered it was closed for the month of June. So I pulled up my GPS and searched for nearby spots when I came across ViewHouse Ballpark! I have been to Viewhouse near Lone Tree plenty of times and really loved their vibe so we decided to see how this location measured up.. and oh did it!

There was corn hole outside and people having so much fun it was hard to resist. We went all the way to the rooftop and checked it out, I grabbed a cranberry vodka and we decided to head downstairs for dancing.

Not only was I hugged and high-fived more times than I could count, we danced with about 4 groups of people, I had men and women booty dancing on me but in really funny ways, and I was fake proposed to. At this point the guys friends started chanting for him to kiss me and before he could reach my face (he was coming in hot) I turned my face and gave him my cheek.

It was an incredible time, with amazing people, and a night I’ll always remember.

Dancing makes my soul happy.


9:00 – 11:30  Beach day at the Lake

Cherry Creek Reservoir – Aurora, Colorado – 800-678-2267 – website

For $9 we drove to Cherry Creek Reservoir with a few towels, some yummy food, and we spent the day enjoying dipping our toes in the water and relaxing in the sand.

I recommend stopping by Jasons Deli, or even Jersey Mikes for a really delicious sandwich. I love getting the Chicken Salad Sandwich at Jasons Deli. They throw in chips and a pickle, and it’s all really filling. I also recommend bringing sunscreen and applying it a few times during your beach day! The sun here is hotter, and we are closer to it than at sea level, so getting burned can happen pretty easily.

That night we were going to visit Dazzle Denver, but trying to keep everything free (or as cheap as possible because I was paying) we went to watch Aladdin instead. I have to say that having been about 10 when it came out and then watching the remake, I was pretty disappointed, but appreciated the costumes and digital effects!

cherry creek reservoir.jpg


9:00 – 3:00  Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods – 1805 N 30th st., Colorado Springs – 719-634-6666 – website

Driving to Garden of the Gods was an adventure, well mainly because I got my very first speeding ticket.

It’s about an hour away from where I live and well worth the drive. If you go, park at the visitor center and walk to the beautiful clay colored rocks. You can park in parking lot #2 which is closer but it takes away the exercise that you could be getting. This hike is 3-5 miles depending on which paths you take. There is a really beautiful lookout (pictured below) and plenty of wild life to see! The last time I was there with my fiancé we saw a bear, a tiny one but it was still my first wild bear that I had ever seen.

This park is completely free, even parking is free!

*It’s also handicap accessible!!

Garden of the Gods Bachelorette

Now while our Bachelor/Bachelorette party lasted about 6 days it was worth every moment. I wouldn’t change much, except I probably would have decided to have a party sooner so that my Maid-of-Honor, and my Matron-of-Honor/Future Sister-in-Law could have made it. Overall I had a great time and am really looking forward to our bridal shower and our wedding next year!

little elizabeth.png