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Planning the PERFECT Bachelorette Party (Bach Bash 101)

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We just came back from an amazingly organized and productive trip to Charleston that included us meeting with the wedding planner, visiting the venue 3 times, finding my wedding dress, finding a bakery we loved, doing our food tasting, choosing decor, and going to our design meeting. Needless to say I have needed these past few weeks off to recover. Even though it was crazy I had all of bridesmaids there by my side for the entire weekend!

The Sunday I was looking for my wedding dress was also my grandmothers funeral, which made the day even more emotional but a thought I pushed aside until I left the bridal shop.

If you’re like me then you have a core group of friends that you’ve known forever, which made it SO much easier when I needed to put together my Bridal party. I have 4 wonderful, beautiful, strong, intelligent women that will stand by me on the day of our wedding. I decided to have 1 Maid of Honor, which is my best friend that I’ve known for over 13 years, and I also decided to ask my future Sister-in-Law to be my Matron of Honor. All of these girls have different interests so when I started planning my Bachelorette Party (very last minute) I knew that I needed to choose music, food, decor, and activities that would keep them entertained but that would make the entire weekend, one to remember!

My girls are all flying in from out of state, and lucky for me they’re all staying with me at our home! My fiancé is having all 7 of his groomsmen attend his Bachelor party the same weekend, and in addition he’s also having 5 of his friends join as well. 12 men all in one house golfing, going white water rafting, drinking beer and having an amazing time.

I can make a post about Bachelor inspo later but I am SO excited to share with you the decor I’ve chosen, some activities that will keep your group laughing until they cry, and the perfect playlist that I’ve created using Spotify for long car rides!


Always Start with Decor

Bachelorette party decor
Bachelorette party decor

I love all things pink, pretty, and elegant and our wedding matches perfectly so of course I knew that I wanted my Bachelorette party to match. Other brides might have penis themed decor, but I’m a classy Audrey Hepburn type more than a.. well let’s just say that it’s not my cup of tea. Above are mock ups of what my home will look like and actual decorations that I found!

I suggest starting with your theme. You can go with tropical, southern, plaid, barbie, you could have a taco theme, or you could opt out of a theme all together. I decided to choose decor that matched my style instead of choosing a theme so I went with rose gold, whites, and creams for the base. I found an entire package of decorations on Amazon that I’m planning on buying that not only came with everything you see here but also a “Bride” sash that I can wear when we go out! One of my bridesmaids even purchased us matching “Bride tribe” hats!

Make your party fun and about what YOU want, not just what your bridal party wants.

Here are some incredible sites for fun Bachelorette Party decorations:

Stag and Hen (they give you 15% OFF!)



Party City (Get 15% Off)

The House of Bachelorette



Goodies for your Girls

Now that your girls have flown thousands of miles to be with you on your special day (I’m actually combining my 30th birthday and Bachelorette Party into one long weekend) it’s time to give them a little something to take home with them! Now if you’re a bride that is thinking “but it’s their job to buy me things” I want you to change your way of thinking NOW. Yes it’s great to receive gifts from your registry but you’re not just celebrating getting married, you are celebrating the best friendships that you have! You should give them gifts at the Bachelorette party and also on your wedding day.


Champagne bears are always a favorite, and I had my first taste at my Sister-in-laws wedding! They’re delicious, and cute, and filled with champagne.. honestly what’s not to love.


I’m getting my girls flash tattoos, because when we go out for a night of dancing and I’m wearing my Elle Woods dress with my bridal sash I want my friends to be glammed up too! I love these because they’re glittery and also match my color scheme.

Bridesmaid sunglasses
Bridesmaid hair ties

Another cute idea especially if you’re having your Bach Bash in the summer like I am is to include sunglasses and hair ties! These are really affordable options for your girls to protect their eyes from the sun and to hold their hair back while you’re doing Yoga, hanging out at the beach, or going for a hike!

Bridesmaid Hat
Bachelorette floppy hat

Another gift that is definitely a must have for any summer bash is floppy hats! They’re cute, they’re practical, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t love to get these as a gift? Best thing is that they’re only $5!



Hiking, and Goat Yoga, and Dancing Oh My!

Bachelorette Party ideas Colorado

Okay so maybe I won’t be double fisting wine when we go out, but I will be outside as much as I can be! I am a summer baby and I always say that I am a flower, I need the sun. When I was thinking about what I could do with my gals I wanted to choose things that we would all love, not just activities that I wanted to do. Here are some things that I’ve planned, but also ideas that I think are perfect for any Bachelorette Party!

  • Hiking

  • The beach or lake

  • Dancing

  • Upstairs Circus (Crafting for adults)

  • Festival (Think Coachella)

  • Goat Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Wine Tasting

  • Jazz Club

  • Brunch

  • Picnic in the Park

  • Gentlemen’s Club

  • Drag Show

  • Broadway Show

The Perfect Playlist!

This Playlist that I made on Spotify is filled with songs that are perfect for long car rides and summer days. I wanted to have music that we could all sing to (since myself and the 3 girls will be packed into my car) when we are driving up for our hike, or headed to the lake. I didn’t just choose songs I love but I also asked them if they had any song requests that they wanted me to add! It’s filled with Ed Sheeran, Queen, 90’s hits, Little Mix, and everything in-between.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations or food or activities to have a good time. My decorations cost less than $40, my gifts are all capped and will cost less than $50 per girl, the food is easy (meat and cheese boards anyone), and the activities.. well they are all FREE!! I decided that after spending money on flights and an Airbnb/hotels to come to Charleston, then paying for flights to come see me in Denver that choosing activities that didn’t cost any money was the best option.

If you have a small budget stay local like I am, find free events on Eventbrite like yoga in the park, and just spend time with your friends. If they are really good friends then they’ll be excited to do whatever YOU want to do and trust me they’ll appreciate saving money!