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My Perfect "Brideposal"

My Perfect "Brideposal"

Kate Spade and Pastels really made for the perfect Maid of Honor gifts, but before I found my girl the perfect bangle I was really struggling to find the right gifts to ask my crew to stand with me on my wedding day.

The best way to start is to find really cute and sometimes cheesy sayings to send to your guys and girls asking them to join you! I had “will you be my..” cards in my wedding planner so I wrote really sweet and heartfelt messages to each girl but my fiancé added really funny, and punny sayings that matched to each gifts.

Here are a few options for your girls:

The day (Your fiances name) and I marry, our families will blend. You’ll be my sister and also my friend. To make the day special & creat memories to last. There is one favor I have to ask. Will you be my Bridesmaid? 

What to say to your MOH: I need something old, something borrowed and something blue. But most importantly…. I need you! (Insert Name), will you please stand by my side and be my Maid of Honor?

Punny groomsmen gift
Cat groomsmen gift punny

He chose socks that matched each of his groomsmen and his best man perfectly! For his friend Jaime that loves cats he chose these funny cat socks, and as you can see he made the message really punny. For Ben who is really smart and loves math he chose an equation! You should make your gifts and your messages personalized to really show each person how much they mean to you.

the best Brideposal
Pretty Bridesmaid Box

I went to Michaels and grabbed a few photo boxes, 4 plain white ones for my bridesmaids and this really pretty polka doted one for my Maid of Honor! I wanted to make hers stand out and this box was perfect, still simple but also really cute. While I was there I grabbed some pastel pencils from their “dollar” section and some pink ribbon to tie the box together. Our wedding colors are really pretty muted pastels to match Rainbow Row in Charleston so we tried to stick to this theme. The pencils were the perfect addition and less expensive than the nail polish I wanted to add. The crinkle paper was also from Michaels and only a few dollars per bag, I ended up using 3 bags total. I also wanted to add things that represented who I was so I chose to include macarons as well! I always say that I was Marie Antoinette in my past life and because SO many things having to do with our wedding are very sentimental I wanted to add in something that actually showed that the boxes were from me without using words. I picked up these Macaron boxes from the Dollar Store…the DOLLAR STORE. I know they’re SUPER cute. I bought them during the summer and wanted to save a few of them for myself and am honestly kicking myself for not buying more but I knew they were be perfect, and they were only $1, so win win!

I also grabbed macarons from TJMaxx for each box that were champagne flavored because hello wedding, and they were only $4!

Each box cost about $15 to make but the reactions that I got were truly priceless! Share how you are going to ask or how you did ask your girls or guys below!