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Creating My Dream Wedding Registry!


I hadn’t heard of Zola before my future sister-in-law introduced me to it, and I am really happy that she did! Zola is literally a one stop shop for all things wedding related. You can shop for wedding invitations, create a custom wedding website, and add gifts from other websites all on Zola! So let’s dive in and I’ll share my favorite features of the website and a few gifts that we have added as well.

P.S. Zola is also free to use!

Zola registry

Let’s start with the banner, it’s well organized, everything is easy to follow and it has easy to find categories!

Zola wedding website

With over 200 designs, Zola makes creating a custom wedding website a breeze! If you’re not like me and you love creating websites (for clients or for yourself) then I highly suggest using this tool.

Wedding suite Zola

Are you having a difficult time finding invitations? Hop on over to the “wedding paper” section on Zola to choose from hundreds of designs for everything from your invitations to your wedding menu cards!

Wedding Planner Zola

Zola also works as a “wedding planner” as well! They have tools to help you manage your guest list, your wedding checklist, your websites, and your wedding stationary.

Let’s Talk Gifts

Zola Registry

One of my favorite parts of the Zola Registry website is being able to organize everything I love in different categories. The top section is for the items that we really want/need. Right now we have this beautiful stand mixer, and a Crosley turntable. I was able to choose those exact colors so that my guests don’t have to guess which items I want. You can also choose to have the items either shipped right away or you can select an option to have them shipped when you want them to! So if you’re going on vacation you won’t have to worry about your gifts showing up when you’re not home.

There is also a section for experiences which includes a house down payment, an adoption fund, fun subscriptions like Blue Apron, gift cards to AirBnb, Hot air balloon rides, swimming with Sea Turtles and so much more!

The Kitchen section of our registry includes items from Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, and even Amazon. Zola let’s you add an extension to your browser so that you can easily click the extension and add whichever items you’d like. If you’re old school and technology isn’t your friend (it’s okay) then go to your favorite website, copy the link, and paste it into Zola. It’s really that easy! If you’re still confused then I’ve added some easy to follow pictures below.

As you can see we have chosen pieces for our kitchen that will not only make it look beautiful but are also affordable! You want to have varying prices so that all of your guests can find something in their own price range to purchase.

Kitchen Zola Registry

Let’s Add Gifts!

Adding Gifts to Zola

When you click “Your Registry” you’ll see this page and right at the top is a section that says “Add Gifts”. If you find something you love on another website, go ahead and click where the cross in the teal circle is!

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.18.05 PM.png

A box will pop-up that looks just like this one! Go ahead and click “Add from another store”.

URL Zola

A new page will load that will look just like this one, so go ahead and scroll down until you see the “Enter URL from Another Store” section. You’ll go to whichever site has the item you want, click the URL, right click to copy the URL, then go back to this page and right click again to paste it into the white box. Press “upload gift” and you should be all set! You can enter the quantity, color, size, you can leave special notes for your guests, you can change the cost, and you can even change the image options.

You can shop based on room, need, color, price, or if you’re looking for an experience you can even search based on which state you live in or want to visit! We are really excited that we signed up for Zola and have already completed our registry even though our wedding isn't for another 10 months.

Whether you just got engaged, are buying a house, are getting married, are having a baby, or are about to throw your bridal shower (or any other occasion that requires gifts) using Zola will make your life (and your guests lives) so much easier! I also have a referral code that gives you $50 and gives me $50 once your guests or mine start buying gifts! Basically that’s $50 for FREE that you can put towards buying yourself something you love. Just click HERE to set up your registry and congratulations for whichever special occasion you’re celebrating!

P.S. If your guests didn’t purchase something on your list that you really wanted, after your wedding everything in your registry is discounted by 20%.