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Sweet Eats in Austin Texas


What a sweet experience, quite literally. Every time I travel I always dread going out to eat, especially when I am in an unfamiliar place. Recently I took a trip to Autin Texas and had the most pleasant and delicious experience that I ever have while being on vacation. Not only was I able to find delicious gluten free options for me, but Austin had plenty of tiny restaurants that catered to vegan, dairy free and all natural farm to table lovers.

One of the things that I miss eating most since developing food allergies is ice cream. The grocery store brands aren't as creamy, as similar or as appetizing as actual ice cream. Instead of buying tiny pints for $5 I had decided to give up, and move on from wanting this delicious ice cold treat.

While I was in Austin I was introduced to this small and charming ice cream store. They not only offered peanut and gluten free options that were clearly marked, but vegan options as well! The best part about this experience is that I was able to test each flavor before making my purchase.

There were 3 flavors that were offered which were both vegan and gluten free. My first flavor was strawberry and basil, which caught me off guard. The ice cream was creamy and the basil hit my taste buds perfectly, followed quickly by the strawberries. I decided to order two different flavors, with one scoop of each that consisted of peanut butter, chocolate and coconut. Yum. 

To say that this experience has forever changed my mind about dairy free ice cream would be an understatement. I could only focus on how creamy the ice cream was, how strong the flavors were and that while I was eating it I couldn't tell that it wasn't "normal" ice cream.

If you're ever in Austin make sure to stop by this quaint little ice cream shop. You'll be greeted by a polite woman who uses the word "y'all" and you'll leave with a satisfied belly.

The best part is, they deliver their products all over the country! Visit their website to learn more.