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YouTube's New Feature Bans the LGBTQ Community


I have had a YouTube channel for over 5 years and just as many other people it had become my home. YouTube is an outlet that allows you to express your individuality in a safe space without feeling the need to hide who you are or keep your passions a secret. It has become a place that many celebrities and YouTube stars have used to come out in the LGBTQ community. Just recently it has been discovered that the YouTube Restriction Mode when turned on blocks all videos related to the LGBTQ community. This ban includes their coming out stories, story time videos, transition experiences and other information that could help those that are struggling with their own sexuality. Those in the LGBTQ community have found empowerment through these videos and based on YouTube's new restriction mode, they no longer feel accepted on this online platform. Here is how this feature works:


With the restriction mode turned "off" here is what the YouTube channel of Gigi Gorgeous looks like:

As you can see her "#proudtoberestricted" video is still visible


Now with the restriction mode turned "on" you can see that only beauty and fashion related videos are visible


This new feature takes away what made YouTube so incredible, it takes away freedom of expression and freedom to be who you truly are. What's worse is that YouTube the once LGBTQ friendly online platform never announced that they were making this change. This year has become a time where people feel the need to go backward instead of forward. Our country needs to come together to fight against these prejudices and protect those that need it the most. YouTube has promised to go back and change this feature, however, actions speak louder than words.