Miss Blonde Ambition


If You're Reading This...



I thought that God had left me, I still feel like that sometimes but deep down I know that there is a reason for this. I haven't found justice because you are fighting so hard, so hard for me to quit, to walk away like you never hurt me. You had me fooled, I thought you were someone else, you made me feel as though I couldn't be without you as my friend or as my lover. You asked me if I was yours like I was property, you took my friends away, you told me no one else would ever want me and that you were surprised that you wanted me. Yet you keep saying that we never dated, how can that be? I knew that you were the devil in disguise, you were the weakest part of me, you made me feel stupid, you took everything and stripped me until I was left broken. I thought I was going to die that night, the night that you tried to break through the window, to touch me, to grab me, to hurt me.

I hope you know that you forcing me to run into a strangers house to escape from you was the most terrifying moment of my life. I hope that you know that threatening to rape children and then working with them is wrong, I hope you know that you are a monster. I hope that one day your soul changes, that you fall to your knees because you've finally realized how broken you are, how scared you are, how little you are in this world. You won't get away with what you've done, because in the end it's your soul that will be ruined, it's your life that you have ruined, it's your conscience that will always be screaming. I'm stronger because of you, I've become a fighter because of you, I've decided to save others because of you. I won't give up, I won't stop fighting because my spirit can't be broken, my heart can shatter anymore than it already has, my strength can't be crushed.

I've made it on my own, I don't need you and I've found a strength I've never known. When I'm finished they won't even know your name.