Miss Blonde Ambition


I Am A Badass



I am sitting here, in a purple sports bra and bright orange workout shorts not because I have just worked out but because I don't feel like wearing clothes. I have a messy bun, stomach that is slightly bloated from that "wonderful" friend that finally came (1 month late) and an empty package of chocolate with only shavings left behind is sitting next to me. --also I am hot, very very hot

Today marks the first day of 3 weeks off until I run away to Greece, to find myself. I finally landed an amazing job that I can work while I finish my undergraduate degree. Okay, totally kidding but they're okay with me taking a month off so I can't complain. These next few weeks I won't be working because, well let's be honest I would just forget everything by the time I came back from Greece.

Did I mention that I'm going to Greece??

I almost wasn't able to go, because of funding however my knight in shining armor (also known as the President of the University) came to my rescue. So for 3 weeks starting June 19th I will be wandering the stone streets of Rhodes, I will be eating fresh vegetables in Athens and I will be taking in all of the culture that is around me.

This year has already thrown me so many obstacles that thankfully I fought through. Even though I thought I was done, that I had hit an imaginary wall that killed my spirit, somehow I survived. So now here I am in my boyfriends apartment (yes I finally found love) waiting for him to get home so that we can walk around Boston.

If you had asked me last year where I would be right now, I wouldn't have been able to answer that.

I was a girl afraid of the city, who is now planning on moving to Boston. I was a girl who had given up on finding love, that has fallen in love with her soulmate. I was a girl who had lost herself, that has found herself and unfortunately for her wallet her wanderlust. I was a girl that had turned away from God, who has found her way back to him. I was a girl that was facing health issues, that are finally healing! I was a girl that had no idea what she wanted, who now has a full 2 year plan.

Life is funny. It throws you crazy curve balls and makes you stop in your tracks. The one thing that I have learned is to accept things that happen, and to always remember that when something bad happens it's only temporary.

In February I thought my happiness was over, I also thought that I wouldn't be able to smile ever again. Now here I am 3 months later on top of the world, in love and ready to take on the world.

I feel fantastic, I feel bad ass, I feel like a rockstar.

I'm the girl who chopped her hair off because she always wanted to. I'm the girl who applied to study abroad in Greece because I wanted to. I'm the girl who beat all odds and found love. I'm the girl who is rocking this year without letting anything hold me back.

I'm ready for this, to take on Boston, my last year as an undergraduate and to take on Greece because I am finally a bad ass!