Miss Blonde Ambition


Hungry Girl, A Huge Appetite, Endless Opportunities

Food for me is more than just a meal to enjoy 3 times a day. Food is a celebration of sauces and spices, a mixture that can only be created by an artist. It is a reason that we gather around tables both big and small, and submerge in an atmosphere filled with conversation. It is the past, present and the future and is what has made humans stop talking since the beginning of time. Food can be a celebration of diversity, culture and traditions. These traditions could consist of two people in love, with white in all shades and music that makes our hearts beat. It can also be a tradition that has lasted decades, of stories and laughter. Through tinsel, ornaments and delicious gingerbread flavored savory baked goods that fill our homes with joy.

So enjoy that sweet cup of steaming hot coffee, indulge in that savory decadent piece of dark chocolate cake. Sit back in your comfortable chair surrounded by fluffy pillows, and enjoy a cup of tea. Just eat it up, drink it in, and live.