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Fan Fiction Ending for Gilmore Girls

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*If you haven't seen the "Year in a life" episodes on Netflix then watch those and read this afterward. This Fan Fiction ending for Gilmore Girls contains spoilers!

Fan Fiction Ending for Gilmore Girls Written By: Elizabeth Ryan In Collaboration with Caleb Schmitt

Fan Fiction Ending for Gilmore Girls


Chapter 1

She turns to Lorelai and pauses for a moment “Mom” “Yeah” Lorelai turns to Rory “I’m pregnant” Lorelai takes a moment and looks down at her lap slightly clenching her knees with her hands; she lets out a deep sigh “Wow kid, that’s a lot to take in, are you sure”? Rory replies, “Yeah mom, I’m sure” “Well how do you know, I mean did you take a test” “Yes I took a test” she says “5 tests” “5 tests”? Lorelai asks

“Yes 5 tests. I took the first one and wanted to make sure so I went back to the pharmacy and I was just standing there. I was standing there staring at all of the pink boxes confused and worried. I was thinking—which box should I choose? Should I choose the one that gives you results 2 weeks earlier, the one that you can sync with your phone? And really why are there so many different kinds, I mean don’t they all do the same thing, give you results that you’re not ready for? You get that big white stick which is really hard to pee on might I add, and you wait for a whole 5 minutes just picturing your life as it flashes by you. Then it turns pink and you’re sitting there and it’s staring at you, taunting you and all you can think is wow I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant mom; I’m going to have a baby and I… Lorelei cuts Rory off “okay you have to slow down, take a deep breath and tell me everything” “I think I need a coffee” Rory starts to get up offering her hand to her mom “I think that’s a great idea” Lorelai smiles and they start walking towards Luke’s Diner.

Rory sits down at their usual table as Lorelai walks towards the coffee pot behind the counter. She takes a coffee filter from a very large stack, fills it with ground coffee and begins to create the most important cup of coffee that they will ever drink. The pot finishes and as she pours a cup for both of them she can’t help but smile, because she is finally happy. Lorelei puts each cup on a saucer and grabs two large sugar glazed donuts from the pastry stand. She sits down and takes a sip of her coffee. Rory pulls a piece of dough from her pastry and places it into her mouth, looking out the window as she has done so many times before. Lorelei takes a deep breath, looks at her daughter all grown up and beautiful as ever. “Okay I know this isn’t something you want me to ask, but I have to ask, do you know who’s it is”

“Yes I have a pretty good idea, it’s Logan’s” “Wow Logan’s” Lorelai exclaims “and how does his fiancé feel about this” Rory is now feeling irritated by their conversation, she keeps staring out the window Lorelai begins “are you sure it’s not the Ewoks” “Mom it was a Wookie, and yes I am sure” “How can you be so sure? I mean you were drunk and impressionable and it was dark and he was wearing a mask so who knows if he used protection.” “Mom don’t worry both of his heads were covered” “Rory” her mother snaps at her awkward yet slightly funny comment “What if it was the Ewok”? “Wookie” Rory corrects her mother “Imagine you telling people how it happened how you were on the Millennium Falcon on planet Neptune” “Neptune”? Rory cuts her off “Yes Neptune. So imagine you’re sitting here telling your friends how you were battling the aliens of the galaxy and all the sudden here comes this tall and hairy creature. He looks at you and grunts because of your earthly beauty and witty charm. You embrace each other and escape off to his chambers making love all…” “Mom” Rory cuts her off again “It’s Logan’s. I know it, because it’s been about a month” “A month, how do you know”? “Well that’s what the stick said” “You’re going by a pee stick” “Yes and 5 and the fact that I was late and I am never late” Rory looks down at her donut now almost gone. “So what are you going to do”? Lorelai asks “I don’t know” “Well you need a plan. Where you are going to live, what you’re going to do with the baby I mean you can’t get rid of it. How you’re going to tell the father” “I know” Rory is dreading anything else that her mother might say “Do you love him”? “What” Rory looks up at her mother, sitting across from her not as disappointed as she thought she would be. “Do you love him?” Lorelai repeated Rory looks out the window again and begins fighting back tears “I do”. “Then you know what you have to do”

Lorelai gets up from the table, places her empty coffee cup on the counter and walks out of Luke’s Diner. Rory sits there at their table, just as she has done many times before and just stares at her phone, at his name on the screen. She thinks about how she is going to tell him about the baby and how she will gain the courage to tell him that she loves him. It broke her heart when he proposed and she said no, and it broke her heart to let him go a second time. What if he didn’t want her anymore? Was he really happy with his fiancé? This was Logan, her Logan. The guy that she jumped with while holding an umbrella, the one that she confided in and trusted, the one that she always loved and had regretted letting go. She scrolls through her contacts passing Dean, Jess, Lane and finally Logan. She thinks about her life, how she is 32 and lost in the world but surrounded by so many amazing people who have helped her through her life. She knows that from this moment on the rest of her life will be completely different. She presses his name and the phone begins to ring… “Hey Ace” Logan answers on the other end “Hi Logan, I hope I didn’t wake you” “No not at all, I was just working on a new business idea” Logan was always so motivated and thinking of his next big adventure each time Rory called him. “How’s it going”? “Fine, everything’s fine” Rory managed to get out “You sound upset, what’s wrong”? “I have to see you” “Okay should I be worried”? He sounded a bit concerned “No I just really need to see you” “Okay” Logan said “I’ll take the next red eye and be there tomorrow morning” “Thank you Logan” “You know I’m always here for you Ace, you can tell me anything” Rory smiled “I know” They both hung up the phone. Her stomach is now in knots and her throat tight as she is trying to fight back the tears. “What am I going to do”? she asks herself and she walks out of the diner towards her house finally admitting to herself that she is in fact back in Stars Hallow.

Chapter 2

“Hey Rory what are your plans for the day”? Luke is in the kitchen making breakfast, it smells like toast and eggs and pancakes not her usual pop tart and cereal but it will do. “Nothing really” she shrugs “I’m seeing an old friend today and I’ll probably work on my book” “Your mom told me about that, it’s pretty great that you’re telling your story really inspiring” “Yeah” Rory starts to play with the yolk that is now runny on her plate, dreading what she actually has to do this morning. She takes a bite of her toast and stands up from the table. “What you’re not going to eat”? Luke asks “I’m not really all that hungry” Luke puts his spatula down mid pancake flip “you not hungry, what’s wrong”? “Um nothing, I’m fine just have a lot on my mind” “Okay well at least take your toast with you” Rory picks up her slice of brown buttered toast and walks towards her bedroom. She pulls on the sleeve of her sleep shirt and folds her arms in front of her. Staring at her closet she isn’t sure what she should wear, what the proper “I am pregnant” confession outfit would be. She settles for a pair of Keds, a jean skirt and a t-shirt, which shows that she’s casual without trying to be too serious or show that she’s trying too hard.

Her phone vibrates which makes her heart flop into her stomach; it’s a text from Logan. Hey Rory I’m in my car, in Stars Hallow now. My driver can take us anywhere you want to go. Anywhere she wants to go. There wasn’t a place in the world that would make this conversation easy. She replies back Okay. See you soon. She grabs her bag that carries only a book and her phone and heads for the front door. “Rory where are you headed to this early in the morning”? Lorelai is still in her pajamas holding a cup of hot coffee. “I’m going to Lane’s house” She gives her mom a look and without saying a word Lorelai nods her head, they both know exactly where she was going. Logan is waiting for her outside of the Stars Hallow Gazette as she approaches his car he rolls down the window. “Get in Ace” She opens the car door and avoids any eye contact that might be exchanged between the two of them. “So where do you want to go”? Rory thinks for a moment and replies “Hartford” They drive away leaving Stars Hallow and everyone behind. It’s just the two of them and their driver headed towards Rory’s destiny.

Neither Rory nor Logan say anything the entire car ride to her grandparents old house. Everything is gone, sold, thrown away or donated. Nothing is left but the beautiful house that her grandparents once lived in. The new owners don’t move in for another month and Rory couldn’t think of a better place to go. They walk around the back of the house and sit on the patio. There are a few chairs left, damp from the rain that fell the night before. They sit down and Logan patiently waits for Rory to speak, looking at her nervously. “Logan I really appreciate you coming all the way here” “Of course Rory, I told you that I am always here for you” She smiles but looks away. She doesn’t know if the sadness she feels is from the loss of her grandfather, the emptiness of the home that she basically grew up in or her fear of Logan’s response when she finally gathers enough courage to tell him. “Logan, you can’t marry Odette” He starts to look concerned now but slightly amused “and why is that”? He asks “Because” She says “I’m pregnant” Logan doesn’t say anything; he just sits there and stares at his feet not knowing what to say. Rory breaks the silence that has gone on for well over 5 minutes “I know that we had a plan, an agreement that when we were together we were together, and when we were apart that we were apart. I didn’t plan this and I’m really sorry, I feel so stupid. How did I let this happen? I plan everything. I planned my entire future, I went to Yale and got my degree, I traveled to Europe for work. I planned my life perfectly and it seems like everything is falling apart and everything is just not going the way that I had wanted it to.” Logan still doesn’t have a response “Logan please say something” “I have to go” Logan says without looking at Rory “What”? She begins to fight back tears but it’s not working anymore, one falls from her cheek and Logan looks up. “Rory I have to go” “Logan I don’t understand” Rory is now sobbing unable to control her frustration and anger. How could he do this to her, to abandon her and leave her when she needs him the most. “I need some time to myself, just don’t do anything until I get back” “When, when are you coming back”? She asks “I don’t know” “Logan” “Rory we should go, I’ll take you back to Stars Hallow” They walk towards Logan’s car and with each step Rory’s heart breaks. The car ride back to Stars Hallow is more quiet than before and much more painful. As they pull up to Rory’s house she feels the need to say something, to say anything that will make everything okay. She looks over at him as he sits there, calm with a straight face. She can’t read what he is feeling or thinking, he’s just sitting there looking at her. “Logan, I…” Rory begins to speak but Logan cuts her off “I need to go now, you should go inside” Rory steps out of the car, her heart is pounding even more than before, her hands shaking with every movement. Before she closes the car door through her sobs she says “Logan I love you” She closes the car door and runs towards her house. Logan sits there for a moment and pulls out his phone, searching for something. “Harry” Logan says to his driver “Take me to the airport”. Rory watches him from her bedroom window, as he drives away not knowing when he will return.


Chapter 3

Rory is staring at Paris from across the table. She looks so grown up, so professional with her perfect bob and pencil skirt. It really seemed like Paris had it all that is until she ended things with Doyle because as she puts it he is “moody, sensitive and unmotivated”. “So Rory I assume that you have something to tell me” “Why would you say that Paris” Rory is always so amused when speaking with Paris her very angry but supportive friend. “Well we never meet for coffee and quite frankly I have a busy day so let’s just get down to it” “Okay Paris. I wanted to talk to you about, um” Rory stops talking because she isn’t sure that she wants to say it again. “You’re pregnant” Paris says “What”? Rory is taken back by her bold statement and very surprised. “Paris how did you know”? “How did I know? Rory you’re practically glowing and at your age” Paris huffs “Well let’s just say that your skin isn’t what it used to be” Rory touches her face wondering what Paris is talking about, concerned about her skin and if she looked old. “Well then who’s is it”? Paris asks “It’s Logan’s” “Huntzberger? Well that figures doesn’t it. You get the handsome heir to millions and I get stuck with a lardo who can’t even keep a writing job” “He hasn’t spoken to me in over 3 weeks” Rory says “Well that’s just not acceptable, give me your phone” Paris holds out her hand “What, no” Rory sits back in her chair and folds her arms “Rory it has to be done, if he’s going to be a father then he needs to start being responsible” “Fine” Rory slides her phone across the table and sighs The phone begins to ring “Hello” a woman answers on the other end “Yes” Paris says, “Who is this”? “This is Odette, Logan is in the shower can I ask who’s calling” Paris hangs up without saying anything to Odette Rory can sense that something is wrong “Paris what is it, who was that”? “It was the bimbo between 42nd and slutty” Rory slouches in her seat “Oh it was Odette, wasn’t it”? Paris places Rory’s phone on the table in front of her “I’m sorry Rory” “Thanks” Rory replies “Let me know how it goes”? “You’re leaving already”? Rory is disappointed because instead of supportive Paris she got the every day grumpy and too busy frantic Paris. “Well I have a 45 year old bat who wants a kid because her eggs are all dried up and her husband hasn’t touched her in 6 months. It’ll take me a week to find the perfect surrogate for her” Paris’s phone rings and she looks down to see who it is “Ah yes right on time. This will be her 3rd call of the day. I’ll see you later Rory”

Chapter 4

Standing in her bedroom Rory picks up her phone and calls the gynecologist. “Hi, I need to schedule an appointment” The woman on the other end asks why as Rory begins to feel uncomfortable “It’s for an ultrasound” Rory swallows hard trying to fight back those words and also the knots in her stomach. The woman tells Rory that she has scheduled a same day appointment that is in 4 hours. That means that she has 4 hours to get dressed, eat breakfast and read.

“I wanted to be rootless, to travel the world, to find my underwear—where is it?” There’s a knock at the door “Rory honey everything okay”? “Yeah mom I’m fine” Lorelai opens the door to her bedroom and finds Rory in her room, boxes scattered on the floor, clothes in piles. “Rory, what are you doing”? “I can’t find it” “Can’t find what”? Lorelai asks “My underwear” “Please tell me that you haven’t gone without underwear for the past month. It’s no wonder you got pregnant” “Mom” Rory snaps at her mom “I told you any outfit you wear without underwear would be a lucky one” Rory stops what she is doing and looks at her mom “You’re hilarious. Are you going to help me or are you just going to stand there”? “Rory help you with what”? “I have my ultrasound today” “Oh”? “Oh. That’s all you have to say” Rory is waiting for her mother to have more of a reaction than ‘oh’. “I’m freaking out over here and you’re calm and unbothered like Audrey staring into a shop window” “Well” Lorelai pauses “I’ll go with you” “Are you sure”? Rory asks “I’ve done this, when I was 16 and that stick turned pink for me and my childhood was over. I’ve done this alone as a child I had a child and no one was there for me. I won’t let you do this alone”. Rory smiles “Thanks mom” “No problem kid”

Rory and Lorelai sit in the pink colored waiting room, surrounded by pregnant women. Rory leans over to her mom “this is so weird, I don’t feel like I should be here” Lorelei squeezes Rory’s hand and smiles at her “Rory Gilmore” “Present, I mean Here” Rory blushes and walks over to the large grey door her mother following behind her. “Please change into this gown, the doctor will be right with you” The nurse exits the room leaving the two Gilmore girls alone. Rory sits down on the tall white table staring at the stirrups, glancing over at her mother she mouths They’re taunting me. There’s a quit knock at the door and a tall slender, older women walks into the room. “Alright Rory, my name is Doctor Longbottom” Rory and Lorelai both look at each other and giggle a little “Hi Doctor Longbottom” Rory is trying hard not to laugh now “It’s very nice to meet you” “I can see here that this is your first visit. I can assure you that you don’t have anything to worry about. Now let’s get started”. Rory leans back on the table, wondering how many pregnant 30 something’s have been on that very same table, and if they were as nervous as she is right now.

“This is going to be cold” the doctor begins as she squeezes teal colored goop on Rory’s stomach. Rory lays on the table staring at the ceiling trying to count all of the tiny specs on each tile. “Rory Look” Lorelai is pointing towards the monitor Rory hesitates but forces herself to look at the screen, the screen that is showing her tiny baby. “That’s it?” Rory asks, “It’s so small” “It looks like you’re only 7 weeks along” The doctor is now smiling and seems to be more excited than Rory. There’s a knock at the door and the same nurse as before enters the room. “Excuse me, sorry Miss Gilmore” the nurse begins “Doctor there is a visitor here to see Rory” Rory’s stomach starts to churn as she wonders who is there, who else knows about her baby and why they are here now. She looks over at Lorelai waiting for her to say something but Lorelai simply shakes her head and says, “I don’t know kid”. “Thank you” Rory snaps her head over towards the door “Logan”? Her heart is now racing and she can feel her cheeks turning bright red. Lorelai stands up and looks at the doctor “we should give them a minute alone” they both leave the room, leaving both Rory and Logan alone together for the first time in over a month.

“Rory” “What, why are you here”? Rory sits up covering her belly with her over sized robe. “Rory I’m sorry” Logan adds “You’re sorry, you’re sorry? That’s all you have to say after a month without a word and just like that you show up, here without warning. Where were you Logan, and don’t lie to me because I know you were with her” Logan sits down in the chair beside Rory and looks up at her. He can see that she is crying now and that her face is a deep shade of red. “I was with her,” he says “Well that’s obvious but why Logan? I tell you that I’m pregnant and you run off your fiancé”? Rory is having a hard time breathing and she’s shaking from anger. She’s never been this mad or scared or sad in her entire life. “I saw Odette, because I ended things with her” Rory stares at Logan trying to process what he has just told her. “You, what?” She asks “Rory we’ve been seeing each other for over a year, and I know that we agreed that when we were apart then we were apart but it never felt that way to me. Why do you think I came here with the guys? I wanted to make you happy and show you that everything was going to be okay.” “Why”? Rory has started to calm down “Because Rory, I care about you and to me we were always together. My father is the one who pushed me into proposing to Odette for business not because I loved her.” “Okay” Rory begins “So what does that mean” Logan smiles at her slightly because he knows that she understands what this means, but that she needs to hear it. “This means that I want you, to be with you all the time not just when we are together. This means that I want to be here, to raise this baby with you if that’s what you choose to do because you know I will support whatever decision you make.”

Rory reaches for Logan’s hand stroking it gently “Damn it Rory I love you, I have always loved you and I will always love you.” Rory now has tears in her eyes, but this time she doesn’t feel sadness she just feels joy and love and comfort, like her world finally makes sense again. “I asked you something, something really important on the day of your gradation. Do you remember what I asked?” “Yes” “Well Rory my offer still stands” Lorelai and the doctor walk into the room startling both Rory and Logan. “I’m sorry for interrupting but I need to finish Rory’s appointment, I have other patients” Logan stands up and buttons his sports jacket; he looks down at Rory and smiles. “Are you free tonight” Logan asks Rory looks up at Logan “I think so, why”? “I have to go but I have something planned for tonight. I’ll send the car to your house at 8”? “Sounds perfect” Rory smiles at Logan and he kisses her gently “I love you Rory Gilmore” “I love you Logan Huntzberger”.