Miss Blonde Ambition


2019, Living the Life of My Dreams


2019 is going to be the year for new memories, travels, and a lot of family time. I have new years resolutions and as cliche as they are, I really feel like between everything and my goals that I’m going to have the best year yet!

In 2019 we are..

January: Much needed surgery that I am SO ready for! Also, I’m fulfilling my DREAM collaboration with my favorite brand!!

February: We’re going on a ski trip with my future sister-in-law and her husband, my first time skiing ever!

March: We’re headed to Charleston to meet with our vendors, take our engagement pictures, and go dress shopping!!

April: 4/15 is our 3 year anniversary!


June: We’re having our combined bachelor/bachelorette party aka our Bach Bash! We’re also headed across seas for our family vacation, to celebrate my future father-in-laws birthday. P.S. I’M ALSO TURNING 30!!

July: I’m headed to Graduate School and we’re going to California, a HUGE thing I wanted to check off my bucket list.


September: Carrie Underwood!!

October: I am planning on going to Nevada for their Lantern Festival.

November: We are having our bridal shower in Massachusetts and we’re hosting Thanksgiving!

December: Christmas with my fiancés family and we’ll finalize our wedding plans!

My Bucket List goals:

Give Back and Volunteer More ()

Learn Spanish ()

Go Parasailing ()

Visit the Golden Gate Bride ()

See the Great Sand Dunes ()

Run a Marathon ()

Finish my Novel and Get it Noticed ()

Get my Tattoo Removed, Finally ()

See Carrie Underwood in September ()

Practice Meditation ()

Workout and ACTUALLY Stick to It ()

Go to the Ballet ()

Grow my following ()

More Brand Collaborations ()

in 2020, go to the Smithsonian Museums, and leave butter for Julia.

2019, well it’s going to be the best year yet and I am so excited for everything that is to come! What are your goals for the new year?