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29 Lessons Learned in 29 Years


I've had a lot of thinking to do since I have graduated college. I have thought about who I want to be, what kind of career I want, whether or not I should go to grad school if my major was the wrong choice for me, if I should move somewhere warmer, if I should move to be closer to family, if I should go on a diet, if I should start journaling, if I should meditate, if I should chop my hair off, if I should make new friends, and how to leave the ones that I have outgrown. There are many things that I have learned through these 29 years, so here are my lessons, may they inspire you, may they get you thinking, may they set you free.


29 Lessons that I have Learned in 29 Years:

1. Laughter really is the best medicine.

2. If you want something done right, 90% of the time you should do it yourself.

3. Asking for help doesn't make you're weak, it just means that you are vulnerable and brave enough to seek guidance from another human, open enough to accept that YOU are only human.

4. Education IS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL. Period. Your worth is not made by an overpriced piece of paper, education can come in many forms. Also, when you can, go to an Ivy League because nothing beats a proper education.

5. No one can prepare you for the pain that comes with losing a sibling and only time can heal those wounds but for the rest of your life a piece of your heart will always be in heaven.

6. Alcohol won't fix your problems, and drugs only make things worse. Stick to Chocolate and girly movies because they can fix almost anything.

7. One day you will become a statistic and that's okay as long as you use your voice to help others.

8. Children really are our future.

9. You are not your mother, father, brothers, or sisters. You are your own person.

10. Being successful means being happy. It's not measured in how much money you have or how many things you fill your home with.

11. Money rules the world. Unfortunately.

12. God comes in second place more often than he should.

13. You should be as spiritual as you are religious.

14. Being open-minded is the greatest blessing.

15. Being naive really is blissful.

16. Giving back is so much better than receiving.

17. Your significant other should be your best friend.


19. The Golden Rule means everything. Treat others how you want to be treated, not how others have treated you.

20. Guys come and go, so do friends, and so does family.

21. Breaking up with friends is harder than breaking up your romantic relationships.

22. Having closure is important. If you don't have closure DO NOT date anyone else unless you're prepared to hurt them, especially if it's your close friend no matter how cute they are.

23. Traveling is the greatest thing that you can do for yourself and for the world.

24. It's never too late to follow your dreams.

25. Unconditional love is rare, once you find it hold onto it and never let it go.

26. Just because someone's life looks perfect online it's important to remember that they show you what they want to show you. No one has a perfect life, we are all human and we all feel pain and regret.

27. You will always encounter people who make you angry, bosses that don't appreciate you, and co-workers that drive you crazy. You can't just keep quitting jobs because you're unhappy. Keep a job for at least 1 year then find something you'll truly love.

28. Just because you were bullied in school it doesn't mean that you should befriend every person that needs a friend. Sometimes you need to leave people alone and instead find genuine friendships, ones that will last and make you feel good about your life and about yourself.

29. My biggest most recent lesson: Sometimes people find each other and they become soulmates. They are best friends and no matter if they met in middle school, high school, or college they become inseparable. Time can pass, and will pass and you will both move on either physically or mentally or emotionally you will grow. Moving away means giving your friendship a chance to grow just as you are and sometimes that means growing apart. If you find youself questioning your friendship, thinking about only the good times, comparing how your friend was when you were with them, and always asking whether or not they should be in your life then it's okay to break ties. If you feel used and forgotten, or if you've just grown apart physically and mentally then move on. Life is too short to force friendships with people who bring you down or make you feel like you're worthless.


What's the greatest lesson that you've learned?


I'm a southern girl living in the city who loves long walks on the beach and sappy romantic comedies. I live in pajamas, my favorite foods are waffles and macarons, I take naps daily, I love traveling the world, and I fully believe in self-expression.