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10 Signs You're Dating a Man Who Could Be Your Forever


Dating is hard really hard and sometimes you will want to give up, I know I did. The thing is though that when you're ready to give up someone worth everything comes into your life. He makes all of those hard times, the tears, the endless nights of eating chocolate while watching sad movies, the Valentine's Days you spent alone worth it. He makes those bad times seem so small compared to the new love that you share. You have a fire between you two that makes it almost impossible to not feel. When you touch your souls connect and when he laughs with you, everything bad in the world disappears. This man exists and when you find him don't ever let him go. If you're afraid that you won't recognize him when he finally comes along see if he has these 10 qualities and you'll know if he's the one


  1. He makes you laugh

He makes you laugh at everything and nothing at the same time. You laugh together when you're having a stupid disagreement, you laugh together when you're cuddled up watching your favorite show, you laugh together even when you're both trying to be serious. He should make you laugh, he should make your soul happy and his smile should melt your heart.


2. He has compassion and empathy

He wants to give back to his community, he offers to volunteer with you at a shelter, he wants to change the world. He feels happy when you're happy and sad when you're sad. He wants to make the world a better place and have you by his side every step of the way.


3. He listens

He doesn't just hear you talking, he listens and even better he remembers. He remembers what you had for breakfast on Monday, he remembers your favorite food. He remembers your favorite color even though it changes every 6 months. He takes the time to remember the little things and the big things because he knows how important they are to you. Even better if he listens when you talk about your Pinterest board and secretly follows you to learn what you love and want for your future.


4. He's a hard worker

He graduated from college, or even if he hasn't if he's a hard worker that's what matters. He goes to work every day, on time instead of staying in bed all day. Even if his job is mundane he still stays until the very end of his shift, and takes pride in the work he does. He works hard for himself and for his future. He works hard because he has ambitions and plans to have a family one day which he wants to support. He works hard to save for retirement, for his wedding even if he has been single for 2 years, and of course for that puppy he wants to adopt.


5. His family loves you

His family accepts you for who you are, what you're doing with your life and what you want in the future. They treat you like family and accept the love between you and their son. They invite you to family holidays, to special dinners and vacations. They welcome you with open arms and show you that they could certainly make the greatein-lawsaws you could have ever hoped for.


6. You're the only woman he has eyes for

He doesn't feel the need to look at other women, to talk about other women in a sexual way or to flirt with them because he knows that he has found the one. He doesn't believe that "all men look" or that it's normal to lust after someone who isn't his girlfriend. He loves you, he thinks you're beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. You're all he needs and he couldn't be happier.


7. He values your opinion

It doesn't matter if you're going furniture shopping, choosing a meal, debating politics or talking about your favorite novel. He never judges you harshly, he never fights with you about your opinion instead he values your input and everything that you have to say.


8. He loves adventure

Every day will hold something new to discover, and each moment will bring a new adventure. If he loves to travel as much as you do cherish that and go to the ends of the world together.


9. You have the same values

You both agree on the important things like going to church, embracing your conservative side, being polite and always staying kind. Your values bond you as partners and help you to build a stronger and long lasting relationship.


10. Your future goals match up perfectly

He might not want to get a diamond engagement ring one day like you do, but your other goals are in sync. You both want a family, you both believe in God and want to go to church more, you both want to travel the world. As long as your goals are similar and you're both excited for the future that's what truly matters.