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Unforgettable Accommodations in Ireland


When we first started planning our trip to Ireland I thought that I would be staying in tiny bed and breakfasts along a country road so isolated that I could hear sheep and cows all night long. My view of Ireland has changed significantly since returning to the United States, and I must say it is for the better. Here are some of the places that I stayed during my trip abroad!

FarmYard or Castle AirBnB

Air BnB might be a frightening option however, we stayed in one and could not have been happier. While I don't have images from our Air BnB I have found a few quaint and charming locations all across Ireland. If you're visiting this gorgeous and historically rich country I suggest using one of these options! You can stay in old castles, cottages that are straight out of a fairytale or grand apartments in the city. (Featured above is Wilton Castle)

Hotel Meyrick in Galway

The Hotel Meyrick is located in the heart of Galway, close enough to outdoor shopping, gelato shops, and Buskers. This gorgeous hotel offers a free complimentary breakfast with options from porridge and fried eggs to fresh catch of the day fish and cereal. Their portions are large so when I ordered the porridge, fried eggs, and fish I was surprised by how much delicious food I was given and how full I was when I finished. Ireland has some of the most delicious and healthy food options and I was thrilled that this hotel offered a free meal. If you have severe allergies or chemical sensitivity I would either avoid this hotel or use a face mask as they have scents pumped through the common areas of their building.

The Westin in Dublin

The Westin Hotel in Dublin was by far my favorite location that we stayed in. The Westin has their own "signature scent" that is pumped through their lobby area and common areas by way of diffusers, fragrance, and scented candles. The scent was extremely strong but luckily I brought my allergen face mask which I wore every time we entered and exited the building. This hotel was luxurious and offered a large tub for bathing, turn down service and even ice in a tiny metal bucket at bedtime. This location is just across from Trinity Library, many restaurants including the Hard Rock Cafe and only a 20-minute drive from the Dublin airport.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family friendly vacation, or an adventurous journey you can't go wrong with any of these options!

Have you stayed in a castle abroad or your own unforgettable hotel? Let me know in the comments below for my next trip abroad!