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"I have been using the shampoo for a week now and my hair looks great!! Its full of life and healthier. Thank you so much for making this for us more sensative and finer haired people. I love it!"

- LauraBeth, Long Island

"AFTER using my Matrix Brass Off purple shampoo, I used Elizabeth’s new shampoo from her Élloura Beauty line and I’m OBSESSED! Her shampoo only contains Castile Soap, coconut milk, coconut oil, essential oil and a natural thickener called Xantham gum which is derived from corn. Everything in her products is derived from the Earth and is free from harmful chemical or synthetic fragrances! 🙌🏽 You’ll LOVE it when she launches it for sale! I was a lucky product tester."

- Saje, Alabama

"Awesome shampoo. Used mine for a week and a day and my hair feels awesome. Also the peppermint bath soak leaves you smelling very nice."


- Tina, Florida

"Before I started using the shampoo, my hair had a bit of a raspy feeling. Also, very much with a fraying look. I used the shampoo for a week and my hair is super soft and no more fraying!! The mint bath soak is awesome, it helped remove a lot of dead skin due to dryness and leaves my skin soft no dryness!"

- Marcy, Ocala

"My hair type is thick yet naturally oily, so it is difficult to find a shampoo which can clarify my scalp without stripping my hair of all natural oils. In the last two years, I have committed myself to utilize more chemical-less cosmetics, skincare, and haircare so I can appreciate that this product has a clear and concise ingredients list. When using this product in the shower, I notice that my hair when rinsing does not feel waxy or slick which is an occurrence I have noticed with other shampoos."

- Rachel, Bridgewater

"I have naturally thick and oily hair, so finding a shampoo that doesn’t strip away all of the natural oils but also makes my hair feel and look clean has always been difficult. The shampoo I used from Élloura Beauty is like no other. It smells amazing and my hair has never felt and looked more healthy. The Élloura Beauty line is truly extraordinary. From the shampoo to the bath soak, everything exceeds expectations."

- Jeter, Orlando

"I have color treated and thin hair, but my hair wasn't always thin and lifeless, I used to have naturally curly hair and the shampoo I received from Élloura Beauty has truly brought my hair back to life, I have so much more body than my old shampoo used to give me. I am a sucker for shampoos that make my scalp tingle and this shampoo is the perfect amount of tingly sensation but doesn't dry my hair out. The shampoo smells great and doesn't weight my hair down as someone who only washes their hair maybe every four days, with this shampoo I can ever get away with going five days without washing. 
On to the bath soak, as someone who LOVES and I mean loves to take Epsom salt bath this is amazing!! it is such a relaxing scent and left my skin feeling great, and it worked wonders for my post workout achy muscles.”

- Amy, Waltham

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