Miss Blonde Ambition


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Travel missblondeambition

() Visit California
() Versailles
(X) Visit Greece
() More than 50 Passport Stamps
(X) Hiking
(X) Trinity College Library, Dublin Ireland
(X) Visit Ireland
() Visit Spain
() Roadtrip with Friends
() Africa
() Holland
() Auschwitz
() Thailand
() Italy

(X) Study abroad
() Visit Japan
() See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
() Ride a gondola in Venice
() Visit the Eiffel Tower
() Visit Macquarie penguin island in Australia
() Visit Santorini with him
() Visit Bali

() Yoga Retreat in Bali
() Visit The Antartic
() Go to Thailand () Iceland                                                                                                                                                                                                                    () Morocco
() Giant Slide in the mountains: Oeschinensee,              () Switzerland
() Go camping

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() Buy a world map and pin visited places
(X) Join a sorority
(X) Meet someone who inspires me
(X) Be in the same room as Sarah Jessica Parker
() Learn a new language
(X) Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty
() Read the entire Bible
(X) Move 30 times before I’m 30
() Learn Sign Language
() Read the entire Harry Potter Series
() Find my favorite book/Author
(X) Stand up for something I believe in
(X) Start an I AM THAT GIRL Chapter
(X) Learn all the Nations in the world

Kindness Elizabeth Ryan Missblondeambition.com

() Be a mentor
() Volunteer
() Buy lunch for a stranger
() Volunteer abroad
() Give a homeless person a Christmas present
() Send a present to a soldier

Love missblondeambition.com

() Adopt a dog
(X) Find my Soulmate
(X) Go on a romantic date
(X) Meet my best friend
(X) Become closer with God
() Marry the love of my life
(X) Find my true friends
(X) Be swept off my feet
(X) Move in with the one I love
() Have matching pajamas
() Read in a park together
(X) Have a couples Halloween costume
(X) Get engaged
(X) Put up a Christmas tree together
() Have a romantic Valentines Day
() Live every day like it is Valentines Day
() Breakfast in bed
(X) Get a prayer journal

Food miss blonde ambition

() Breakfast at Tiffany’s
() Visit Serendipity’s
(X) Try Escargot
() Try Black Caviar
() Eat pasta in Italy
() Eat crêpes in France
() Macaroons in France
() Go fruit-picking
(X) Try Champagne
() Eat a Croissant
() Attend a cooking class
() Leave butter for Julia
() Have wine in Italy
() Try something exotic
(X) Try Crepes

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() Enjoy the 4th of July
(X) Visit another country for more than 1 week
(X) Be fearless
() Message in a bottle
() Go camping
() Take a photography class
(X) Kiss in the snow
(X) Kiss in the rain
() Write a letter to Juliet in Verona Italy
() Ride a horse on the beach
() Dance under the stars
() Go camping
() Visit the Sistine Chapel
() Kiss under the mistletoe
() Watch the sunrise at the beach
() Go scuba diving
() Go skiing
() Have a period themed dinner
() Summer backyard movie night
() Go ziplining
(X) Visit the Boston Public Library
() Plant a tree
() Ride a hot air balloon
(X) Run on a color run
() See a meteor shower

() Go snorkeling
(X) Have an unforgettable Summer
() See the Milky Way
() Kiss under a waterfall
(X) Visit a castle
() Let go of a floating lantern
(X) Learn to play DND
(X) Go Topless in Greece
(X) Go on a date to the Zoo
() Visit the New York Public Library
() Visit the Museum of Natural History in NYC
() Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
() See the Tulip fields in Holland
(X) Go abroad with him
(X) Move to Boston
() Carrie Bradshaws apartment in NYC
(X) Watch all of the HP movies
() Rise Lantern Festival

Career missblondeambition.com

() Finish my novel
(X) Earn my Bachelor’s degree
() Finish my Second Book
() Figure out a career
() Get a job that I love
() Make my passion my career
() Earn my Masters Degree
() Apply to Graduate School
(X) Graduate university
(X) Apply to jobs that scare me
(X) Get a professional internship

Entertainment Elizabeth Ryan Miss blonde ambition

(X) See a Broadway musical
() See a ballet
() Go to an opera
(X) Rascal Flatts
() Miley Cyrus
() Carrie Underwood

fitness and health miss blonde ambition Elizabeth Ryan

() Finish my tattoo removal
() Feel healthy
() Workout every day
() Feel good naked
() Learn self-defense
(X) Quit hunching shoulders
(X) Run a 5k
(X) Do something for ME
() Feel confident in a 2 piece
() Workout with him


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