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The 7 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes in 2018


Creating a New Years Resolution that is based on health and wellness might seem cliche but with nearly 38% of the American adult population being obese, it's actually the best resolution that you can make! Any time that you are working on improving yourself you are doing good, you are doing your body right. I have started treating my body right by working out 6-7 days a week, 30 minutes a day at least and by eating the right food for my allergies and body! I've also dedicated each day to my own personal wellness journey. Here are some incredible health and wellness subscription boxes that are actually worth the money but will also help you to treat yourself in the new year!

Yogi Surprise

This is a new health and wellness box that I have come across and I absolutely LOVE it!! There are two boxes that you can choose from, the first is a Lifestyle box and the second is a Jewelry box - um yes, please! The lifestyle box is my personal favorite because unlike other health boxes you get full-size items that are great for vegetarians and are also GMO-Free! Thankfully Yogi Surprise hooked me up with a 25% Off Coupon for you to use on your first box!! Use the code YOGI25 at checkout.

Lola Tampons

After realizing how bad it is to put fragrances in your vagina (YUCK) I decided to ditch my store bought feminine products - tampons and instead I switched to 100% cotton, 100% organic, and 100% scent free tampons! I am so happy that I've made the switch and I'm never going back. My favorite part about these besides their quality is that from the 1st to the 5th of the month you can "skip" your month. If you already have enough tampons just skip the month and your shipment will move to the next month without you getting charged! If you're good for three months just skip every month, it's so simple. Use the Code ERYAN4 at checkout for $5 OFF!


FabFitFun is another highly popular health and wellness box that includes full-size products! Their boxes can include anything from a jump rope and speaker to full-size beauty products, makeup bags, towels for the beach, water bottles, candles, and gym bags! You get 4 fun wellness boxes one for each quarter that matches the appropriate season, so you can guarantee that you won't receive a winter scarf when it's 90 degrees outside.

Imperfect Produce

If you live in the Bay area; Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Chicago, IL you can enjoy this amazing Imperfect Product box! If you've ever wanted 25 pounds of fresh organic produce for $39 then this box is for you! Their concept is simple, they take the "undesirable" or "ugly" fruit and vegetables that grocery stores don't want and they purchase them at a discounted rate. So far they have saved over 10 millions pounds of produce! 


The CalmBox offers a new theme every month that covers meditation, stress relief or awareness. What I really love about this box isn't just the products they offer but that they donate a portion of their proceeds of every box to charity!

Art of Organics

Art of Organics has handcrafted boxes that are themed and contain 2-4 full-size items that are organic, natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free! I am a huge advocate for natural products especially since launching my own natural product line ÉLLOURA BEAUTY.

Love Goodly

This Love Goodly box was crafted so you can discover nontoxic beauty, eco-lifestyle and wellness products at a great price. The brands that are included are cruelty-free, organic, eco-friendly and vegan. Each of their boxes contains 4-5 "mostly" full-size products that include beauty and skincare, style and home accessories, healthy snack and wellness items.


All of these incredible boxes contain goodies that can be used for yourself or you can gift them all year long! Which box is your favorite?

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