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Why I Use Organic Tampons | Feat. Lola


Lola is a brand that I discovered a few years ago before I became chronically Ill. I began purging all of my beauty products, I mean all of them that contained toxic ingredients and bad for your chemicals. I threw away (or donated) hundreds of dollars worth of designer perfume, salon hair care products, face wash, makeup, deodorant, tampons, and so much more. I had decided that it was time for me to start paying attention to what I was putting inside of my body and on my body, then I discovered Lola Tampons.

This post is not sponsored (I'm actually trying to get a FREE box to give away to one of my readers) but because I am focusing on wellness and health more I felt the need to share what this company does and who they are.

So far Lola has donated 100,000 tampons to women at homeless shelters across the nation. Their donations have reached 27 states, 60 cities, and over 100 shelters, so each time you purchase your Lola box you can feel good about what you're buying and the huge way that you're giving back!

Meet the Co-Founders:


So what are they made of? Lola Tampons are made without toxins or synthetic materials and are created using organic cotton. Most tampon companies don't tell you what they make their product with, but let's just say that I'd rather not put something in my body that contains bleached cotton, or synthetic fragrances! Women use an average of 10,000 tampons in their lifetime and depending on which brand you choose to use you might be putting 10,000 toxin-packed cotton sticks inside of you. The FDA doesn't require tampon companies to disclose the ingredients that they use which is what makes Lola so unique because they choose to be transparent in their process. They also offer pads and liners for all of you ladies that don't want the hassle of a tampon. Even if you choose to ditch the tampons and use the alternative their pads and liners are still made with 100% organic cotton with a plant-based leak-proof backing, non-toxic adhesive, and mineral oil.

Their tampons and pads come in a variety of absorbency levels just like other brands, only their packaging is gorgeous which adds fun to your monthly gift. With their subscription, you can customize your own box of tampons with a specific amount of your preferred absorbency, and if you're all set for a few months you can just skip those months (so you don't have to pay those months you skip) and wait until you need more. My favorite part about their subscription is that they deliver their products to your home in a completely discrete way, so you don't have to worry about your order screaming to the world "she's on her period".

For those girls that are just starting out they offer a "First Period Box" that is packed with goodies for someone just starting out! When I first started my period I didn't know what a tampon was let alone how to use one, and I didn't have a cute gift box to help me out. Their First Period Kit includes six ultra-thin day pads with wings, ultra-thin night pads with wings, 10 ultra-thin liners, 10 light applicator tampons, four instructional tear cards (one for each product), one canvas pouch, one set of stickers, one keepsake box, and a $5 LOLA credit towards a new subscription! You can also use my personal code ERYAN4 for $5 off your first box, so you'll get $5 off now and after your First Period Kit ships you'll get another $5 OFF!

You can also download their FREE E-Book with instructions on product use HERE

Are you ready to ditch your toxic tampons and pads and order your first shipment of Lola Tampons and Pads? I was given a great referral code just for my readers so that when you order you get $5 OFF your first box and I get $5 OFF my own personal box, it's a complete win-win! To get your $5 OFF enter the code ERYAN4 at checkout.

For more FAQ's and information visit their website: https://www.mylola.com/faq





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