Miss Blonde Ambition


Things You Should Know Before Graduating High School


Your graduation is a time to grow, it is a time of saying good bye and saying hello to your future. It is a day that brings happy tears to your eyes, and warmth into your heart. Graduation day is something that many of us rush towards. Through all of the exams and stress that school brings, we tend to forget about the most important thing. We forget to enjoy school for all that it offers, for the wisdom bestowed upon us and the friends made.So from one former High School graduate to the new or almost new, this is for you. I have created a list of everything you should do BEFORE you graduate! Happy reading!!

1. Freshman the most important thing I can say is; be yourself without being too excited. We can all relate to this, as I have been guilty as well. I can remember when I was a freshman, running through the halls and being noisy. This does nothing for your reputation, and makes it all the more difficult to make friends. I would not say to be quiet or walk through the halls with your head down. I am simply saying relax a little, then freak out when you get home.

2. Don't ever take anything personally. It can be a school bully, a teacher who insists on failing you, or that boy who bugs you for no reason at all. Never take anything that happens to you or at you personally, ever. We are dealing with things in our lives and some just handle it a little better than others. The most important thing to remember is that you wont have to ever see those people, after you graduate ever again.

3. No matter what your tired brain is telling you; STUDY!!! I can not stress enough what a difference this can mean for your brain, and your education. Get a really nice binder together with colored folders (I suggest Staples). Buy yourself some highlighters, pens, pencils and of course notecards. Make sure that you leave at least 1 hour of studying, including your homework each night. I know that this can be difficult especially since our home lives are not all the same. Just relax and find an ideal location for your study time. Study outside on the porch, under a tree, in a tree house, on your bed, at the kitchen table or at the library. The more you study the more you will know, which means better grades and happier parents!

4. Join as many activities as you can! I was involved with the Future Educators of America, Yearbook, Choir, Dance and color guard. You should try to join as many clubs and extra activities as you can. You could run for school president and homecoming court. You could put yourself out there and make memories that will last a lifetime. High school lasts for only a little while, and in the blind of an eye it's over.

5. When you are a Senior; be nice. That's it. Simple and to the point.