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The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo


The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo was one of the best experiences that I have had since becoming a blogger. This event allowed me to make connections, meet fellow bloggers and eat goodies from brands that I hadn't heard of before. I also walked away with 2 bags filled with FREE samples and coupons! I found some new favorites and best of all my friends really enjoyed the expo as well. I didn't have time to meet with all of the vendors at the expo, but here are a few of my favorites!



I can't say enough about these bite sized (or 2 bites) frozen dairy free treats! I had a wonderful experience meeting the team from Incredible Perfectly Free at the Gluten Free Expo. They introduced me to their products, let me taste as many as I wanted and they also invited me inside of the food truck for some up close pictures.

Being dairy free it is so hard to find the perfect frozen treat that is not only healthy but also doesn't taste dairy free. I've had cashew ice cream, almond milk ice cream and even coconut milk ice cream and none of them are as creamy as these bites are! These scrumptious treats are free from the top 8 allergens which makes them perfect for those of us that are gluten, dairy, soy and nut free! They're also affordable and at only 35 calories who could resist?

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88 Acres was one of my favorite brands displayed at the Expo this year! The story behind this brand was so personal, it made me overjoyed to finally meet the woman behind it.

Nicole the creator of 88 Acres went on a date with the man who became her husband. On their first date he had a severe reaction to nuts, so the next morning she got rid of all of the nut products in her house. She began testing various ingredients and recipes in order to make the perfect soft, delicious and good for you granola bars.

Our home is nut free so her story really touched me, and made me feel an instant connection. Most of the gluten free granola bars that I have tried are hard on the teeth, and tough to chew. Her granola bars are packed with flavor, seeds and spices, berries and are super moist.

The chocolate and sea salt granola bars are my favorite, but all 3 flavors were equally delicious!

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If you love chocolate covered coconut flakes, juice infused strawberries or dried fruit then Organic Living Superfoods is the brand for you! There were so many different flavors and samples that I wasn't sure which one to try. I was given suggestions and pleasantly surprised, and addicted!

These delicious bite sized delights were tucked away in the most organized and plentiful booth at the expo. I was greeted by a delightful man who offered suggestions and even gave his personal favorites. These snacks are so diverse and healthy that you can enjoy them almost anywhere!

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If you love eating candy bars or even if you just love mouth watering chocolate then THESE are sure to tame your craving. These "candy" bars are filled with flavor, savory chocolate and scrumptious goodies. I left the expo with 5 samples and ate all of them in a few days, I just couldn't get enough!

The best part about these bars is that they are filled with bits of nutrition. Also if you love Nutella you will LOVE the hazelnut and chocolate bar.

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Whoopie pies were what I thought, a think of the past. Even though I am cursed (secretly blessed) with Celiacs I can still enjoy these unbelievable sweets. I stood at this booth with curiosity, excitement and hunger. I took my first bite, smiled and said "it tastes normal" as I fake cried (yes I am dramatic).

They also had various types of breads including a moist banana bread! Peace of Mind offers the best gluten free Whoopie pies that I have ever had. Try one for yourself (or a dozen) if you don't believe me! They're out of this world.

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