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How-To De-stress for The Holidays


The Holidays (especially Christmas) are some of my favorite parts of the year! It brings magical feelings, tinsel and snow, delicious food and family gatherings. The Holidays can also bring on stress for many when it comes to planning, cooking meals for everyone and choosing the perfect gift. I have come up with 5 essential ways to de-stress over the Holiday season, that work for me every year!



Spring cleaning doesn't have to happen only in the springtime, in my house it's year round! I really enjoy going through my closets, bins and boxes and discarding what I don't want or need. This past year I managed to get rid of left over ripped boxes, crinkled tissue paper and wrapping paper that wasn't attractive enough to use anymore. This freed up so much more space for the items that I am going to love gifting while also keeping my space clutter free.


Stay Organized

After you declutter your space, ORGANIZE. Buy a planner, use Google Calendar or purchase a white board for your wall. I actually use all 3 of these things and have found myself being more organized than any other time in my life. I really enjoy using little stickers, sticky notes and colored tabs to organize appointments, events and work to-do's. Staying organized will help with your stress level because it will give you a little list of what you need to complete in a certain time frame. Also by giving yourself weekly goals you have something to look forward to every week.


Start Early

I start planning for the Holidays in June, yes June. I know that it is early but it gives me at least 6 or 7 months to prepare. This allows me to make lists, check them twice and change them at least half a dozen times. I really enjoy the little and big preparations that come with planning for the holidays. Knowing what I am doing in advance allows me to stress less, and relax more.


Stay Healthy & Pamper Yourself

The busier you are, the less likely you are to take care of yourself. I take time at least once a week to pamper myself with a manicure, facial lip scrub and a delicious glass of red wine. During the Holidays I like to enjoy at least 1 bath each week while soaking in bath salts. This really relaxes your body, clears your mind and allows for some well-needed reflection time. Making sure that you are putting good whole food into your body will also help your immune system, keeping you healthy so that you can enjoy more time with your family.


Have a Theme and Stick to It

After you have made your lists, taken countless bubble baths and sipped on way too much wine (if that's such a thing) it's time to choose your theme! I really enjoy sitting on Pinterest, for hours just researching colors and holiday decor to gauge the theme I want to work with. Once I have chosen the theme be it glam, traditional or simple I begin to plan. I shop around for decorations, food, music and goodies for my guests to enjoy that tie my theme together.


The Holidays can be a stressful time, but they don't have to be! Let us know in the comment section below, your favorite way to de-stress during the Holiday season.