Miss Blonde Ambition


Easy Pantry Organization


My pantry was beautiful before I moved in and threw everything inside of it. I'm not a messy person at all but when I lack space and organizational tools then I notice that my space becomes a bit hectic. We moved into this apartment in May and ever since I have been thinking about all of the ways that I want to make our apartment feel like home. I've added art from Ireland, pops of blue, and officially chose a theme which is coastal farmhouse. The only thing that I was missing was organization, so I started with my pantry and couldn't be happier!

Our pantry originally has 2 shelves which was not enough for all of the food that we had, containers that we needed, and space that we weren't utilizing up top. I requested for an additional shelf and I am so happy that I did because it allows for us to store more baskets and really use the large pantry fully.

As you can see it was a disaster area and yes I was extremely embarrassed. Every time I opened the door to grab something I would just look at this mess and feel defeated. We both moved in from 2 different apartments, so we had two apartment homes worth of food and cooking supplies. It was difficult to consolidate everything but not difficult to realize what needed to go.

These mesh bins keep all of our potatoes and onions fresh and it keeps the "crumbs" from the onions from falling on the floor. You can also use it under your kitchen sink, in your linen closet, or in your office!

I also included these three weave bins from Target, which are large enough to fit all of our snacks and wraps! I separated our snacks so that my partners are on the left, mine in the middle, and aluminum foils and other wraps are on the right. This is the tallest shelf and because we use these items the least I decided that placing them up higher would make the most sense. Even though Target doesn't have these in stock online anymore, you can find the same baskets in different colors HERE.

These smaller bins are from the dollar section at Target and only cost me $3 for each of them! They don't necessarily match the dark blue baskets but until I can purchase a few more to match these are perfect.

OXO containers are amazing, no they're not environmentally friendly but they are BPA free and they last forever so they're basically okay for the earth. I decided to mix OXO containers along with mason jars for a mix of texture and design in the space.

Our cooler now holds all of our extra dish soap, napkins, and soap pods as well as our trash bags. I added a basket on top for the large boxes of cereal and extra breakfast foods like granola and chia seeds.

Here is the after image taken after cleaning the entire pantry top to bottom, throwing away spoiled boxed food, and really using my baskets to their full potential. I am so happy with how this came out and even recorded my process which you can watch below!