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Brawny Goes Feminist For #StrengthHasNoGender campaign


Ever since I can remember Brawny has always had the same icon on their paper towel packaging. We have always been able to associate a "strong" man, in plaid with stubble with Brawny paper towels, until now. For the "#StrengthHasNoGender" Campaign, this company has temporarily changed their iconic mascot for incredibly strong confident and fearless women!

This month is National Women's Month and today is International Women's Day. Women all over the world have stood in solidarity for this day by wearing red, shopping local and standing up for their rights. Brawny recognizes how important women's rights are and how crucial it is to bring attention to female equality. While you won't find these women on their packaging (let's hope they change this) you will find each of them highlighted on their website and on social media during Women's History Month. This campaign showcases firefighter Maureen Stoecklein, WNBA player Swin Cash, CEO and President of Alvarado Construction Linda Alvarado and President of the Morehouse School of Medicine Dr. Valerie Montomery Rice. Each of these women shows passion, determination, and strength through their courageous acts and undeniable determination and just like the original Brawny icon, they too wear the infamous red flannel shirt.

"There are women and girls everywhere who exhibit strength and resilience in their lives, and that's the inspiration behind the Brawny #StrengthHasNoGender campaign," senior brand manager Frances Morgan, said in a statement to CNBC. Even though these women are not on Brawny's packaging, this company has completed a total rebrand. When shopping for these paper towels customers will now come across packages that no longer show the full image of the Brawny Man but instead will find that his head is cropped to make him look like a giant which goes along with their "Stay Giant" campaign. "Facing life's challenges with strength of character," is how Brawny describes the "#StrengthHasNoGender" campaign. What grew from a social media conversation turned into an international movement that is inspiring the world.


Watch this empowering video created by Brawny for this very brave campaign!