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4 Things You Have to Give Up to Lose Weight Forever



Us girls know how it feels, how we can be tortured and sucked in by delicious mouth watering treats. You wake up in the middle of the night, you are thirsty and so you head to the kitchen. You long for a tall glass of water, and noticed the giant chocolate chip cookies on the counter. You think maybe just one bite won't hurt, maybe those crunches you just did 5 hours ago will keep the pounds off. This kind of thinking is what sets us up to fail, and makes us cave-in to sweets that we really don't want. At night set a time to stop eating, mine is 7pm. I take a glass of water to my bed side, and leave it there just in case. Sometimes when you are thirsty you think you are hungry, and in turn eat until that craving is filled. To avoid this try to eat sweets early in the day. This prevents those cravings later on in the night, and helps keep your stomach full.*I learned this trick from Marie Antoinette and the French diet.


I feel like all women have been on a diet, at one point or another. Something that we all have in common is when we allow ourselves to "cheat". We starve our bodies and force them to feel better and then, take away all of that glorious change by cheating. Instead of having "cheat days" we should allow ourselves to indulge a little more than we do. We should see that package of delicious gluten-free cookies and say, "it's okay if I have two". We should be able to eat a small coffee cup full of ice cream, with whip cream and toppings. From my experience, eventually you will lose your taste for sweets and all things that are bad for you. Instead of going 1 week and turning it all around to just binge eat, slowly enjoy what you love. Don't worry, 2 cookies in a month or one piece of cake for 2 won't hurt you.


I can't even begin to count, how many times I have tried a diet. Carb free, dairy free, meat free, fat-free, low sodium, Lean Cuisine... the list goes on and on. What I can say is that when I stopped dieting is when I started to lose some serious weight. I started to eat healthy, with smaller portions and better choices. I realized that the healthier I ate, the better I felt and the less I weighed. Many of you girls don't know this but those frozen dinners, contain more salt than we should be eating in an entire day. Instead of dieting we should be researching, discovering what we love and eating healthier. I think that in the end dieting is just starvation in hiding.


"I eat when he eats", "My mom buys the groceries", "I can't afford to buy healthy food". Oh my dear, excuses, excuses, excuses. Yes I can understand that his scalloped wrapped bacon, wrapped in bacon, covered in melted cheese looks delicious. Have you ever wondered why men don't gain weight after eating bad food, or so much of it? Their bodies are different than ours, far more different, inside and out. We can't pile in the food, eat big mac's to our heart content or eat an entire cake without gaining a pound. We have to make sure to not eat, each and every time that he eats. When it comes to your parents buying the groceries, make your own mini list. You can also do chores in exchange for the food that you crave(healthy of course). Another idea is to have a mini fridge in your room. This would ensure that you would have all of those delicious fruits and veggies all to yourself! If you can't afford to buy healthy food, just do the math. One bag of chips that lasts only a few days, costs the same amount as a bag of carrots. The carrots are there for nutrition, and you won't be temped to eat the entire bag. A box of cake costs $5.00, icing costs $2.00(roughly) then add in the oil you use, the eggs, butter and other items used to make just one box of cake. Try making some delicious gluten free cookies with items you already own. You can find some really yummy things on Pinterest, if you have the patients and know just what you are craving for.