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4 Ways to Make your Home Happier


Picture this. Your house is a mess, there is laundry everywhere both dirt and clean, and the sink is full of dishes. The garbage is overflowing and your fridge is bare. How do you feel when you think of this? Stressed? Anxious? Angry? All of the above?

When I come home and my house is a mess, usually I am a mess too. When I come home and everything is put away, there isn't even a single crumb on the counter and the closet is nice and neat, I am happy. I feel at ease, I feel like I can accomplish anything, and I feel like I am really conquering this whole adult thing.

So here are my tips for making your home a happier one!

Make your home happier - flowers

Buy Flowers, Fresh Flowers

There was a study done by The American Society for Horticulture Science where they researched in plants have therapeutic properties and influences on surgical patients. In this study they split up the patients, 90 of them actually and put plants in half of their rooms. According to their findings, the patients exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and lower heart rates, lower pain rating, less anxiety, and less fatigue and overall felt happier.

So the next time you’re in the produce section at the grocery store, grab a little bouquet and fill your home with beauty and happiness. Along with this, buy plants to make your space greener! Get a pretty basket (I love the ones at HomeGoods) and place your plant inside of it. Have Eucalyptus in your shower, plants in your room, a mini garden on your patio, or an herb garden in your kitchen! Try to get plants that will clean the air, and will be safe for your pets.

Clean Closet happy home.jpg

Clean your Closet

I know that throwing your clean clothes on the floor and picking them up only to wear them might be appealing but it will seriously stress you out, and will make your clothes not only dusty but not as fresh as they could be.

Take a few minutes after doing laundry to put your clothes away. Exhausted after a full day of chores? Ask your S.O. or your kids to help you!

laughter for a happy home.jpg

Laughter is your BEST medicine

In our home we are silly, and happy, and show emotions, and laugh, and cry from laughing too hard, and sometime I stop breathing for a second because I am laughing so much and I scare the pants off of my fiancé. What I have learned through these past 30 years is that as long as you have laughter, then you’ll be okay and nothing will seem as bad as it is. Of course grief gets in the way, but still finding moments of laughter through it will help you battle your inner demons.

cozy home .jpg

Make Your Home Cozy

Fluffy blankets, adventurous books, (fragrance-free) candles, wooden trays, and tons of pillows make my home feel super cozy and inviting. Our home is filled with cozy blankets, a soft plush rug in the living room, pretty figurines, shelves of books, and things that fill our home with warmth. It really makes coming home after a long day, so much better.

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