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Healthier Easter Basket Ideas!


It’s that time again, for artificially flavored sugar stuffed bunnies, sugary marshmallows in the shape of baby chicks, and colorful eggs placed perfectly around the house… yes we are talking about Easter. Now while I don’t celebrate it (I will once I have kids) I am still a HUGE advocate for providing healthy options for kids. You don’t have to deprive them of sweets during these sugar-filled holidays, you just need to make slight adjustments to the options that you give them.


It can be really difficult to find healthy snacks for cheap, but I’ve come across a few delicious and affordable options for you! For anyone that knows me, you’ll know that I love shopping, but I really enjoy online shopping even more. Being able to shop from the comfort of my couch and then have my packages mailed straight to my door not only saves me time, but it makes it easier for my busy schedule, and that’s why I love Thrive Market!

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Here are some of my favorite sweet treats that are good for your little ones!