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Clean Makeup Brushes Naturally (Without Chemicals)

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Just yesterday I successfully switched over all of my toxic filled makeup brands with organic, natural, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, gluten-free choices! Because I made this switch I knew that this also meant that I had to clean my brushes. There wasn't really any point in changing my makeup if I was still using the same brushes that had the old makeup caked into them. To be honest I have had my brushes for 2 years and I've never cleaned them...YUCK! I decided to ditch my bad habits and clean my makeup brushes naturally.

Dirty Brushes = acne

Dirty Brushes = bacteria

Dirty Brushes = Uneven application of makeup

Basically, if you want acne, red skin, and irritation then keep using your dirty brushes. If you want cleaner, clear, and glowing skin then take care of your makeup brushes just like you take care of your skin!

I know that going completely allergen-free can be a daunting task, and really overwhelming but I promise you that it's worth the time that it takes to make your home toxic free! This DIY recipe requires a bowl or bottle, your dirty brushes and a few additional ingredients that you probably have laying around the house.

That's it, it's really that easy to deep clean your brushes using all-natural products that you probably have laying around your home. This method is scent free (unless you decide to use essential oils), it's good for the environment, and best of all it's GREAT for your skin! This means less breakouts, less wasted product, and healthier skin.

Do you have any easier ways to keep your makeup brushes clean?