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15 Stocking Stuffers to Gift Someone with Chronic Illness


The holidays can be a cheerful, exciting, and magical time of year but for someone who has a chronic illness it can be draining, dark, and suffocating. For me I have a mix of both, I either want to be out building a snowman, and running around like a child or when my energy is really low I like to curl up on the couch, with a soft blanket, and a hot cup of tea while watching all of the Hallmark Holiday movies that I possibly can. I love these products and give them my 100% stocking stuffer approval to gift anyone with Chronic Illness. 

  1. Gift Cards

This might seem like a less thoughtful gift, but for someone who suffers from MCS, allergies, or public anxiety it can be much better to shop from the comfort of their own bed, than venture out.


2. Tea

I have at least 5 boxes of tea on hand at all times because it can pick me up if I'm fighting a cold, if I can't sleep it can relax me, or it can just warm me up on really cold days.


3. Candles

For someone who CAN do candles (please check first) this can be a great choice! Don't purchase the over-scented and toxic candles from big name stores, like some that sound like smath and smodyworks because believe it or not they're actually really harmful especially if you have MCS or other respiratory issues. Even the scent alone can send someone into anaphylactic shock. Instead opt for all-natural, organic, soy wax candles that use pure ingredients such as essential oils or flowers. Skip candles that use orange essential oils because they can contain linalool a very harmful and common allergen.


4. Sleepwear that is Divine

This is especially great for someone who loves to travel but always forgets their mask and pillowcase. This handy set can stay in their suitcase until their trip and will allow for them to sleep with ease.


5. Travel Hand Soap

This might seem strange but for someone who is always sick, this is an essential in every carry on bag, purse, or backpack. I carry around my own bottle of this Dr. Bronners hand soap and use it whenever I'm not home.


6. Slippers

I travel, often but still not as much as I'd like to and the one thing that I always forget are slippers. I never ask for slippers even though I always long for them when I'm on a long flight.


7. Soft Socks

I feel like this one doesn't even need an explination! Pajamas, a silk eyemask, fuzzy slippers, and aloe socks really what else could you possibly need?


8. Mugs and Travel Tumblers

I LOVE traveling with my own coffee mug or tumbler especially when I remember to grab my own tea from the cabinet. Basically every restaurant and fast food chain offers free hot water (even in the over priced airport). Just grab your tumbler, add in your tea bag and have a local chain like Dunkin add in hot water for free! You can buy this cheeky mug HERE.


9. Headphones

These headphones are my new favorite because they're so comfortable, and they muffle any outside sound. Best of all they're Bluetooth compatible which means more time having fun and less time fussing with tangled wires.


10. Pajamas

Pajamas are a staple and necessity for anyone who loves to lounge around on the weekends! Grab a loose pair of grey pants and add a pretty top and make your "pajamas" appropriate for plane travel.


11. Heating Pad

If you have a giant stocking invest in a really cute, comfortable, and quickly warming heating pad. These are great for chronic pain, sore muscles, or for someone who is always cold.


12. Body Wipes

If you've ever sprained your wrist, your ankle, or broken anything (like your tailbone because I've done all 3) then you'll know how hard it is to clean yourself properly when you're limited. These are perfect for on the go, travel, or you can keep them in your bathroom!


13. Heated Blanket

This is just like a heating pad only much larger, and it can go on top of a bed, making it a more comforting place to sleep. The first time I slept on a heated bed was in Colorado, and it put me to sleep instantly! 


14. A Soft Robe

Many days are spent in my pajamas, which is okay but some days on my really bad ones I just like to throw on my bathrobe (really steal my boyfriends). This plush robe is from Target, and is just as gorgeous and plush in person as it looks online.


15. Hand Warmers

My hands are always cold, every day morning or night. You can slip these in your shoes, in your gloves, in your pockets, or you can just hold onto them! Grab a large box from Amazon and keep some in your car, because these are also great if you're ever stranded on the side of the road and need to stay cold.



What other essentials are great gift ideas for someone with chronic pain or a chronic illness?