Miss Blonde Ambition

Miss Blonde Ambition

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This past year I attended the Boston Globe Travel Show and thanks to their marketing team I was able to give away two free tickets to one of my readers (Congratulations again Lucas)! I learned about so many amazing programs internationally that also included travel accommodations specifically for women (the booklets were pink so of course I was excited). One of the companies that really impressed me was Audley Travel.

Audley Travel can create custom experiences for every traveler and wanderlust explorer that can cater to any of your needs from food and leisure to zip lining and animals. So whether you want to explore the arctic with penguins (my dream location) or walk among the cherry blossom trees in Japan, they truly have something for everyone.

Here are some of the places they are highlighting for 2017!


Your adventure starts with a specialist from Audley who has researched and traveled to your favorite destination. These include; North Asian and Russia, South East Asia, Australia, The Indian Ocean, The Artic, Italy, South America and more! After you speak with this expert traveler you plan and refine your trip. You are able to customize the locations you visit, the time you spend there and match it to your own personal budget. What's great is that while you're on vacation you can still have direct contact with the person who guided you through the planning process 24 hours a day. If you'd like to see all of the locations they offer you can order one of their very detailed and beautifully colored brochures HERE for FREE!

Wherever you go, make sure that you choose a package that caters to your needs! Choose a budget and stick to it, make a bucket list and cross as many items off as you can. Life is too short, so travel, eat well, laugh often and love with all of your heart.




All images and footage are credited to Audley Travel