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Miss Blonde Ambition

Decorating Your Space on a Budget (Feat. Target)



Target is the place to go, am I right ladies? They have an endless supply of adorable trinkets, wall decor and home furnishings. I love visiting the end caps because they are always stocked with discounted items that my home loves and my bank account appreciates. If you're looking for chic and affordable options for your apartment then look no further! Whether you are shopping for your college dorm room, your first apartment or your first home, these options will be perfect for whichever space you're decorating. The best part is that all of these gorgeous items are less than $50.



Let's start with the basics; lighting. You don't necessarily need cute lamps in your home but you do need lights. Why not decorate your space with farmhouse chic table lamps, glittery chandeliers or modern bulb lighting? The options are endless.


This Capiz Shell Accent lamp is perfect for your desk or small living space. Accent its texture and details with silver items like stationary holders, a pencil tray or a jewelry dish!


If the clean and minimalistic style doesn't work for you, you can try this lamp for a bit of glam and color! Switch out the lamp shades to match any style that you want. These lamps are perfect for a coffee table or bedside table.

Art Work

Art doesn't have to be expensive or poor quality. If you aren't artistic and can't create something yourself try decorating your walls with art or modern pieces!

This watercolor could be really simple to re-create but if you don't have the time, stop by Target and pick up this piece for yourself!

To stick with the natural elements trend, purchase this work of art! It showcases a beautiful piece of Agate with a perfect shade of fuschia. These wall accessories will make your space feel cozy and bohemian.


If you're like me then you like everything to have its place, in a basket on a shelf. I love purchasing baskets, bins, and containers to keep everything neat and tidy. Here are some great options under $50!

This bin is adorable and oddly enough matches my laundry basket from Target! If you hate using plastic then a cloth basket or wicker are great options for you. This fabric is printed with tiny cream speckles, adding a pop of color to any room.

This pale mint bin is perfect for your pantry and food storage organization! Before you purchase these plastic organizers make sure to draft up what you want your pantry area to look like. That way you won't overspend or clutter the space in your cabinets. If you do buy too many, they're only $8 so try and use these baskets in other places around your home!

Buy a Mirror

Believe it or not, a mirror can open up your space making it feel larger! For those of you that work in a cubicle all day, add a mirror to help make your space more home-like, and to calm your nerves. If you follow Fung-Shui you already know that working with your back open to your surroundings causes anxiety and forces your body to be on high alert. A mirror adds a cute touch to your office space and allows you to see who is walking behind you.

This mirror adds so much rustic charm and is perfect for those of you that want to spend under $50!

Aesthetically Pleasing Items

If you're looking for a way to pull any room or space together try adding in layers to your room. Purchase soft pillows, a cozy throw blanket or a bright green plant! I'm moving in 2 months and I am already thinking about which plant I want (fake because I don't have a green thumb) and where it should go in my home! Here are a few great and affordable options that I love.

Herringbone throws are soft and add a lot of texture to any space!

To add life to any desk or office space, add a small plant! This will bring some color into your space making it feel more like home.

For your home office, bedroom or living space purchase a larger plant to really bring the room together. This potted plant is faux but it adds so much life to any space.

The options are endless when it comes to finding a style that you love, and decorating on a budget! If you don't have a Target in your area stop by your local Home Goods, TJ Maxx or IKEA. If your budget is really tight you can also find some great pieces from Salvation Army or GoodWill.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your space?

(All images are owned by Target)