Miss Blonde Ambition

My Bucket List: ADVENTURES


() Enjoy the 4th of July(X) Visit another country for more than 1 week (X) Be fearless () Message in a bottle () Go camping () Take a photography class (X) Kiss in the snow (X) Kiss in the rain () Write a letter to Juliet in Verona Italy () Ride a horse on the beach () Dance under the stars () Go camping () Visit the Sistine Chapel () Kiss under the mistletoe () Watch the sunrise at the beach () Go scuba diving () Go skiing () Have a period themed dinner () Summer backyard movie night () Go ziplining (X) Visit the Boston Public Library () Plant a tree () Ride a hot air balloon (X) Run on a color run () See a meteor shower () Go snorkeling (X) Have an unforgettable Summer () See the Milky Way () Kiss under a waterfall (X) Visit a castle () Let go of a floating lantern (X) Learn to play DND (X) Go Topless in Greece (X) Go on a date to the Zoo () Visit the New York Public Library () Visit the Museum of Natural History in NYC () Ride in a horse-drawn carriage () See the Tulip fields in Holland (X) Go abroad with him (X) Move to Boston () Carrie Bradshaws apartment in NYC (X) Watch all of the HP movies () Rise Lantern Festival