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The BEST Alternative Fragrance-Free Products!

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I have MCS.

Instead of explaining what MCS is and how many people have it and what not I am going to explain it simply.

It’s a non-curable illness that causes me to be DEATHLY allergic to ANYTHING with a fragrance. I can get Anaphylaxis, I DO get debilitating migraines that last a full day, spotty vision, dizziness that causes me to fall, my body shuts down and forces me to sleep, and I get excruciating pain all over my body.

I’ve experienced a lot of different things since being diagnosed. Some people understand and have stopped using anything with a fragrance. Other people have products with fragrances and even though it actually has a scent they still don’t realize it has a fragrance, and some people don't care and still use cleaners around me and wear/use fragrant body products.

We’ve decided to make our entire wedding fragrance-free. Because what kind of bride wants to feel unbearable pain on her wedding day? Not Me.

This includes deodorant, hair spray, cologne, perfume, body spray, heavily scented hairspray, essential oils, and whatever else can possibly have a scent.

So in honor of my forever damaging illness and our fragrance-free wedding, here are my favorite fragrance-free products that work BETTER than the other toxic-filled ones on the market.

P.S. If you don’t know whether or not your products have fragrance you can either 1. Smell them, 2. Look for the word parfum on the ingredient list, or 3. Look for any fragrance or scent at all. Unless it says “fragrance free” it’s not actually fragrance free. Don't mistake “fragrance oils” for essential oils either. They’re actually chemically made toxic scents.


Your armpits are connected to your breasts so anything you put on your underarms can and probably will travel through your body and will make way to your chest. Having chemical and fragrance filled deodorants are dangerous. They can and do cause cancer, and they don’t work as well because the companies are usually more worried about the fragrance than making a product that really works. Here are some of my FAVORITE fragrance-free deodorants.

Schmidts Fragrance-Free $8.99

Toms of Maine $6

Thai Deodorant Stick $6

Humble Deodorant $5

Shampoo, Conditioner & Hairspray

Free and Clear is my favorite brand for Shampoo and Conditioner! They also make hair gel (which has great hold) and hairspray. You can buy a combo set of shampoo and conditioner from Amazon for only $21! Buy some Rosemary essential oils and drop about 25-30 drops in your shampoo. It gives it a really nice lather, it makes it smell devine, and your hair will grow faster than it ever has. Just make sure you tip your head back when rinsing your hair. Trust me, you don’t want Rosemary EO a hair growth essential oil to run down your face.

no nothing dry shampoo.png

No Nothing Hairspray is my #1 favorite! It’s free of literally everything bad for you including allergens like Gluten. It holds really well and lasts a very long time! Buy it on amazon or HERE. Check out their dry shampoo (another favorite), moose, and even shampoos!


For $7.79 (pricing varies) you can save yourself and your skin from damaging and cancer causing fragrances and chemicals. Ditch Bath and Body Works… seriously their products are among the worst on the market as far as Cancer causing and allergen irritating products go.

I love using this body lotion for many reasons. First, in Colorado lotion is necessary so when I realized this I ran to the store and found this amazing brand. Curel is sold almost anywhere, and not only does it dry quickly but it soaks in all of the moisture your skin needs, and keeps it for hours!

What’s great about all of these options is that they’re also gluten-free! I also have Celiacs which means that if someone uses lotions with wheat or oats in them I could get really sick. These are great, affordable options for every budget.

Buy this highly rated lotion on Amazon!

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream - Fragrance Free.jpg
CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion.jpg

Purchase your Eucerin at most stores, or on Amazon Grab this CeraVe from Amazon too!! (Hello free 2-day shipping)


Instead of showing you every single product that I use on my own face, I’m going to show you the brands that I love. I really enjoy using makeup, it helps me feel more beautiful on days that I’d rather not crawl out of bed, and it is just really fun to play around with. So here are my favorite brands, for every budget!

I have to note that while not every product from each brand is fragrance and gluten free, a lot of their best products are!