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Introducing The Incredible Brands of the Summer Essentials Wellness Giveaway!

Summer essentials giveaway miss blonde ambition

When I first decided to rebrand my blog I knew that I wanted a way to re-enter the blogging world with a bang, so I decided to have a contest giveaway! I researched brands that matched my motto, the theme of my blog, and brands that I already used personally. The response that I received was amazing and surprisingly I was able to secure over 10 individual major brands! Instead of just giving you this amazing prize package alone I want to tell you more about these brands and the items that they gave me as sponsors for this giveaway. Trust me, you'll love each and every item just as much as I do!


One of the coolest companies that I've ever come across is Bloomscape! If you don't have a green thumb (like me) and usually stick to succulents in your home but want to add more low light, minimum care plants then Bloomscape can help with that. They have all of their plants organized by size, the amount of care and water they need, and the amount of sunlight that is required. There are even options for pet-friendly plants, and ones that will make the air in your home cleaner! Before discovering Bloomscape I didn't realize how many variations of plants there were or how much they can benefit my home not only to add nice pops of color but also to clean the air that I breathe. What I love about this company is that not only do they have a stock of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen but they also deliver them right to your door!

"Bloomscape is here to help strengthen your relationship with plants. We make buying plants easy by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and setting you up with the tips and tricks you need to help your plants thrive. Plants make life better. We make plants easy."

With this giveaway you'll get a coupon so you can have your own gorgeous green friend delivered right to your door!


Have you ever had dehydrated fruit or dried fruit from the grocery store? Most of the time those brands load their fruits with sugars and preservatives. When I came across Watermelon Road I knew that this brand did everything differently, I also knew that YOU would love their delicious dried fruit combinations!

As you can see this is an under 100 calorie snack with tons of iron and potassium and no fat! Their label is easy to read and just as their brand promises they use simple ingredients without any fillers. 



Did you know that your nail polish contains toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and are really dangerous for those with asthma and allergies? I didn't even think about this until I came across Lauren b. Beauty and her amazing collection of cruelty-free nail polish. Her polish is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Did you know that formaldehyde is a gas that is used in building products for buildings and homes? It really makes me wonder why this chemical is being added to something that we put on to our nails, and sometimes on our skin. If you want clean nail polish that is still beautiful, shiny, and will last 2 full weeks then you NEED Lauren b. Beauty nail polish!

"Our nail couture is not only good for you; they are where beauty meets trend setting fashion, creativity, and luxury. After all, nails are your best accessories!"

Spread the Love is an Amazon choice natural product created by Valerie and Zachary. They decided to create homemade jars of peanut butter for their wedding guests and from that moment their custom gift blossomed into a booming business. 

I can remember sitting with my grandmother at her kitchen table with a slice of whole grain toast, a knife, and creamy all-natural peanut butter. Back then I thought that natural peanut butter was weird, I hated the texture and the oil that sat at the top of the jar. As I got older I realized that natural brands were definitely better than anything else on the market and so I made the switch. Each time I open a jar of natural peanut butter I look forward to combining the oil and tasting how delicious the creamy spread is. Their peanut butter and jelly are made with simple ingredients, making their brand perfect for this giveaway.


Humble Brands Deodorant

These ads for Humble Brands have my actually laughing out loud. I never realized how sensitive my skin on your underarms is until I started developing strange rashes. I tried SO many brands and developed even worse symptoms so when I was researching brands to gift to you I knew that Humble wouldn't disappoint. It's free from any harmful chemicals or ingredients and only leaves your pits smelling oh so fresh.



I'm sure everyone has seen these incredibly creative and hilarious commercials for one of my favorite products, PooPourri! I love that instead of harmful chemicals that just mask odors this brand actually uses essential oils to fill your bathroom with fresh and clean scents after you do your business. We all go to the bathroom, so you might as well make it smell like lemons.


Funny cards or should I say punny cards are my favorite ones to give, besides mushy over the top romantic ones to my beloved fiancé. Studio Eighty Seven makes the best cards for every occasion. She has sent me 6 punny cards that are food related, making this brand perfect for my giveaway!

milk bath goddess miss blonde ambition

Carli is the creator of Milk Bath Goddess and much like my own brand she creates lovely bath soaks that are perfect for a night in. Baths are my favorite way to relax especially when they are filled with only the best ingredients. Her milk bath soak will leave your skin feeling soft and your bathroom transported to the land of Cleopatra.


These slippers above are the actual ones that you will be receiving! I love working with Prep Obsessed and have worked with them a few times in the past. They have a gift for everyone no matter the ocassion or personality of your favorite gal! I can't wait for you to see these cozy slippers in person, they are beyond gorgeous.


Thank you again to all of the incredible brands that are partnering with me for this giveaway! Each package will be sent out at the end of the summer to allow time for shipping and because I will be headed to Ireland in July!